We have a family like The Shot of The Yeagers that made fame on YouTube vlogging and there are several other families and couples like this, including Damien and Biannca Prince, who are also building empires on the internet. The couple via their D&B Nation YouTube channel, upload prank and reactionary videos. The duo started the channel in 2016 while dating.

Over the years, their follower count has grown from tens to hundreds, crossed the thousand mark and is now growing into the millions. The channel has been viewed more than two hundred and ten million times. They are now well known when it comes to entertainment on YouTube. Read on to learn everything we know about the duo.

D&B Nation – Who are the members?

As mentioned above, D&B Nation is a Youtube channel created by a couple who wanted to be known on the Internet and believe me, they are achieving their dreams quickly. The masterminds behind the rapidly growing channel are none other than Damien and Biannca Prince.

Damion was born on February 18, 1992 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not much is known about his upbringing except that he attended Southside High School for his college education.

He met Biannca in 2012 when they were both working at a Little Caesars Pizza restaurant in their hometown, Indiana at the time. They dated for 6 years before tying the knot in 2016. In 2017, Damion and his wife welcomed a second child, Kyrie. He now lives with his wife and children in Fort Wayne.

  • Biannca Prince nee Ryanns

She was born on March 6, 1997 in Indiana. She came from a family of 8 which included her parents and 5 other siblings. His mother remarried after his father divorced. Bianca went to R. Nelson Snider High School for her high school education.

Their journey to fame

The couple started dating a few months after they met at Caesars Pizza restaurant. In February 2015, they welcomed their first child together, a son named Damion Prince, Jr. aka DJ. They had financial problems because the money they earned at the pizzeria was not enough to support themselves, so they had to leave their apartment and move into a motel with their son. Biannca also had to ask her mother to provide them with food at some point.

Seeking to improve their standard of living, Damien decided to create a YouTube channel, an idea he sold to Biannca who bought it. This is how the D & B Nation channel was officially born on March 11, 2016. This channel has already attracted 3.5 million subscribers, including more than two hundred and ten. million views. They gained popularity overnight due to their content, which included pranks, little peeks into the couple’s life, and goofy challenges initiated by one of them, and more.

Net Worth – How Much Is A D&B Nation Worth?

D&B Nation is estimated to be around $5 million, most of which comes from revenue from their YouTube channels and a few sponsorships. As is the norm for everyone else pursuing a career similar to theirs, it is expected that as they continue to produce more content and grow their channels, their income and net worth will also increase. .

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Information, trivia and facts about the D&B Nation

  • D&B Nation hit 1 million subscribers in October 2016 and 2 million in March the following year.
  • The couple are also popular on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram which are closely followed.
  • Biannca had her first minor child. Damien proposed to Biannca at the baby shower of their second child, Kyrie Prince, who was born on December 11, 2016.
  • Bianca’s sisters have been featured on their videos.
  • She once accused Damien of being indifferent towards her and only using her for sex, which almost led to a breakup and the annulment of their engagement.
  • In a video titled “THE END OF THE D&B NATION,” Damiena admitted to dating over twenty girls before meeting Biannca. According to him, he felt that something was missing in his love life and after meeting Biannca, he felt that his wants and needs had been met.
  • She was treated for postpartum depression after Kyrie was born. Bianca loves tattoos. After earning her first certificate in 2015, she inscribed the names of her husband and two children on her arm.
  • Biannca has a degree but her course remains to be revealed.
  • The couple currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with their two children.