Chris Denker is a popular known and celebrated American American sensation who goes by the nickname DenkOps. He’s a player who is obviously obsessed with playing games on WWE 2K and NBA 2K, and guess what? He still plays with Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. Below is everything you need to know about the YouTube star. this includes his biography and net worth, his relationship life and all the other facts we have gathered about him.

Denkops’ (Chris Denker) Biography

Chris Denker was born in Pennsylvania, United States on October 25, 1986. Details regarding his family background, early life, parents and siblings names and educational background are not available for the moment. However, we know that he is of American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Denkops started his gaming career in 2011, when he started playing Call of Duty. and since then he has never looked back.

His YouTube channel since its launch in 2011 has attracted more than 1.2 million subscribers. In June 2019, he posted over 2,900 videos which garnered over 396 million unique views. Likewise, it publishes an average of 21 fresh videos per month; gets 185,000 views a day and gains 351 new subscribers every day. However, he also revealed that the channel has seen a dip in daily viewership lately, for some reason, so hopefully it will rebound soon. Amazingly, videos from the WWE 2K franchise. are his most viewed videos.

Everything you need to know about YouTube Star

Social media presence

Chris Denker is very active and popular on other social media platforms besides YouTube and has a significant number of fans on each of these platforms. Interestingly, YouTube, which is its most popular and popular sharing tool, and uploading its daily activities have many subscribers. The enkops channel which was launched in May 2011, has approximately 1.2 million subscribers with 396 million unique views.

His presence is also felt on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram account has over 32,000 followers and he has over 59,000 followers on Twitter. You can find or follow him on Instagram @thechrisdenker and on Twitter @thechrisdenker.

Humanitarian support

Denkops has joined the league of other celebrities around the world who use their fame, wealth and popularity to help the less privileged and needy in their surroundings. Ever since he rose to fame, Chris and his girlfriend have been fundraising every year to meet the needs of the less privileged. Every year, he hosts a fundraising activity called “Annual Holiday Charity Stream,” where he invites other celebrities as special guests and hosts a live game show on Twitch, encouraging viewers to donate. of any amount. At the end of the stream, donations are then used to purchase items needed by children, including those living in shelters and orphanages. He also had times the

His net worth

Denker’s chain has an estimated net worth of $641,000 as of June 2019. Additionally, he revealed an approximation of how he earns a day, a week, and a month. He earns over $200 a day, over $2,000 a week, and $10,000 a month. Note, however, that these estimates were made based on YouTube’s advertising revenue.

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Denker is currently in a relationship with Michelle Fishman who is also a YouTuber. The duo had been dating for a few years now. Although no information cites where, when or how the two love birds met, she is often referred to as his longtime girlfriend. There is no news or report linking Denkops with any other girl before Michelle. She is probably his first love.

Michelle is also a gamer who has amassed over 20,000 subscribers on her MzMiichelle channel. The channel was created in 2010.


Denkops is an ardent dog lover. In fact, he loves having them. Currently, he has a French bulldog named Harley. There was a time when he saved one with a broken leg. He raised around $3000 with his girlfriend through their fans to fix the broken leg. The dog stayed with Michelle’s father when they moved.