Desiree Williams is a beauty who became popular especially on social media after her marriage to Vlogger, Boogie2988. While their marriage has not been without controversy, with much speculation as to why a beautiful woman would choose to be with a man like Boogie who weighs around 587 pounds and has several health issues, Desiree has shown genuine commitment to her marriage and her ability to overcome the hateful and snarky comments that have dogged her since she met Boogie before their feelings broke up in 2018.

Desiree Williams – Biography

Desiree Williams is a popular married American beauty YouTuber Steven Jason Williams (Boogie 2988). Nothing is known of Desiree’s family and early life before her marriage to Steven. According to some online sources, she was born in 1975.

Despite being married to someone who does, Desiree or Dez, as he is affectionately known, has kept intimate details of his life off social media and tries to avoid it as much as possible. On the other hand, her husband keeps his 4.5 million YouTube followers regularly updated on what’s going on in his life and family.

What to Know About Boogie2988 Ex-Wife

1. How they met

The duo first met online and became friends. They got to know each other and soon started dating. During their courtship, they decided to settle down together. Desiree Williams had to quit her job and leave everything dear and familiar to her to move in with Steven in Arkansas.

2. Their relationship and marriage

After dating and living together for almost five years, the duo decided to make things official by getting married. Steven popped the big question in a romantic YouTube video circa July 2012 and Desiree said “Yes.” The moment was emotional for the couple, considering all they had been through together. They finally got married a year later in a private ceremony attended by a few friends and close family members.

3. Steven’s health challenges and his support

One of the main reasons why there was so much speculation about Desiree’s intention when she started dating Steven is because of the disparity in their looks. Steven is overweight. He weighs over 500lbs and struggles with a range of health issues, particularly with the physical and psychological abuse suffered by his mother as a child, which led to anxiety, suicide attempt in adolescence and childhood. adulthood, PTSD, type 2 diabetes and obesity. among other minor issues.

After meeting Desiree Williams, she quit her job to move in with him and take care of him. Steven admits that meeting his wife was one of the best things in his life and he has improved his mental and physical health a lot since they met. Steven also admits that he got a lot of help from Desiree for 4 years before he started making a lot of money from YouTube.

4. Their divorce

Shortly after Steven successfully went through gastric bypass surgery in 2017, Desiree told him she was considering a separation. They agreed that she took a break in November. She had left about three weeks before calling him to tell him that she wanted them separated more permanently. He shared a tweet about their divorce and later created a YouTube video explaining how things went wrong in their relationship.

He confessed that it was no surprise to him since their relationship had become strained especially after his operation. Steven admitted their marriage was far from perfect and took responsibility in particular for the stupid things he said whenever he was going through an attack of anxiety disorder. He revealed that it had always been difficult for her to deal with and that there was a constant rift between them from the day they met until their separation.

Steven also refuted the claim that DesireeWilliams was a “gold digger” stating that she had a degree and earned more than him when they met. He also revealed how generous she was with their financial divorce terms. They worked with a mediator to file the proceedings and the divorce was officially formalized on February 13, 2018.

5. After the divorce

In an explainer video Steven posted, he stressed that their split was amicable and he warned his fans not to lash out at Desiree Williams with their hateful comments. He wants their anger to be directed at him. He also revealed that Desiree would not use any form of social media to focus on herself and heal like he does. The couple had been together for seven years.