Ever since being introduced to screens through her family reality show, Deyjah Harris has welcomed the spotlight with open arms. She took advantage of the fame of her father, the rapper TI, to make a splash on social media. Harris has mastered the art of posting on Instagram, a platform where she boasts more than a million fans who can’t seem to get enough of what she has to offer. She has spent her life in the limelight and has so far proven to be a treasured part of the Old Quarter.

Bio of Deyjah Harris

Deyjah Harris was born Deyjah Imai Harris on the 17th June 2001 in Georgia, Atalanta. She is the second eldest daughter of Atalanta rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. better known as TI Deyjah was born out of wedlock from her father’s relationship with R n B singer Ms. Niko.

Being born to parents who both had active careers in the entertainment industry, Harris was always going to interest many people in his life. The world got to see more of her on her T.I. family’s reality show And Tiny: The Family Hustle which debuted on VH1 on December 5, 2011, a time when Deyjah was just 10 years old.

Along with following his father and wife’s Tiny journey, the show also featured a chronicle of the lives of the children, Deyjah included. The show aired the lavish party her father threw for her for her 12th birthday in 2013.

Towards the end of the show, Deyjah must have a boyfriend. The show ended on May 29, 2017. As a reality TV star, Deyjah took advantage of her notoriety to become an Instagram star and her followers quickly gained a million. Deyjah Harris uses her Instagram fame to promote outfits from certain fashion brands.

In May 2019, she graduated from high school. As usual, her parents took turns congratulating her on social media, both posting heartwarming words about her. T.I. expressed how proud her father was that her high school diplomas showed that she could rise to any occasion and accomplish anything that comes her way.

A month after graduation, Deyjah HarrisAnother significant event in her life: she officially became an adult and reached the age of 18. His parents again went online to post sweet messages about him. T.Ie, Deyjah’s father, said his future was “extremely bright”, but his future was uncertain. T.I also reminisced about a proud dad moment where Deyjah was going to be kicked out for standing up for his honor while being willing to accept it. Her stepmother, Tiny, also wrote kind words about her, writing that although she was 18, she was still her baby.

Deyjah Harris, mother and family

Deyjah Harris is part of a big family. Although she is the only child in her parent’s relationship, she has a number of half-siblings from her parent’s other relationships. His mother, Ms. Niko, also known as Ranniqua, had a brief career as a singer-songwriter. She released an album called Luv Kronicals: Reloaded in 2013. Deyjah’s mother has two other daughters, Jaela and Soniah, from another relationship.

Through his father’s marriage to Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Deyjah Harris has three half-brothers, including King, Major and Heiress. She also has two step-brothers Domani and Messiah, from her father’s relationship with Lashon Thompson, a reality TV star known for Bravo’s Backers

In February 2019, Deyjah Harris lost his aunt Precious Harris (his father’s sister TI) after a car accident left him in a coma.

Facts About TI’s Daughter

She is an expert in fighting online trolls.

One thing T.Ma daughter isn’t afraid to call online trolls. She has repeatedly proven that she is far from being a wimp. On one occasion, a guy commented on a photo she posted of herself in multi-colored two-tone text, saying she looked like a d***. Deyjah responded by telling her that it was none of her business and that since she seemed to have a d***, he should “S*** I*.”

She once called a pedophile

In another one of her Instagram posts, a man tried to flirt with her when she was underage. The man argued that girls like her were the reason men went to jail and that there should be a law banning girls under 18 from wearing makeup. Typically, Harris quipped that the men went to jail because they were pigs and not because of makeup.