If you’ve been following the comedy industry, you’d find that a lot of women are starting to compare themselves to their male counterparts on stage. A look at the industry also shows he is proud of several Muslim comedy men standing up for themselves. However, only a few know about Dina Hashem, Maysoon Zayid, Aizzah Fatima, Zahra Noorbakhsh, Negin Farsad, to name a few.

They are Muslim comedians who tackle a whole bunch of issues through the microphone and also make people laugh with their hilarious lines and confidence. Hachem might not be the most hilarious comedian you’ve met, but she has an amazing personality, an overwhelming fanbase, and a great sense of humor. Get to know her more in this piece.

Dina Hashem – Wiki, Bio (Age)

The comedian was born in a Muslim family on August 25, 1985. For some reasons, Dina has not yet revealed her birthplace or introduced her parents and relations to her fans. Also, it is unclear if she is the only child and where exactly she was raised.

It is believed that Dina Hachem received herIn the United States, although primary and secondary education were attended, the names of the institutions attended were not known to the public. The comedian spent her college years at a college in New Jersey City called Rutgers University. Later, she graduated after completing her studies.

Before winning many hearts with her classic Hachem worked briefly as an on-screen actress. Her most notable project in the film industry till date is the television series, Ghost Friend, in which she portrayed the fictional character, Willow.

Talking about her acting career, Dina was inspired to take steps towards becoming a big-name comedian after her first place at Rutgers University, where she auditioned as a freelance comedian for the first time in 2010.

Since getting into the entertainment business, she has been invited to make people laugh in many places in New York. The Rutgers University graduate has also been featured on such high profile platforms as CONAN on TBS, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle and many more. Due to his expertise in comedy, the Muslim comedian’s writing skills have been featured on the websites of TV Land, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.

Also on the Internet, the actress has successfully established herself as an influencer and role model for amateur comedians. Some of the videos Hashem has uploaded to his YouTube page include The RoastMasters @ NYCF 11.10.17 Championship Game: Eli Sairs (C) vs. Dina Hashem (2014), Dina Hashem on Growing Up Arab in New Jersey – CONAN on TBS and Stand Dina Hashem’s Up Comedy – Fatherhood. Dina recently posted a video titled: Dina Hashem – Upfront 2018.

Comedian Facts

1. The Muslim comedian’s net worth is estimated at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000).

2. Information about the Rutgers graduate’s height, weight, and other body measurements are not readily available. However, from the photos she posts online, it is clear that Dina Hashem is of average height. She still looks fit and healthy.

3. She is currently based in New York.

4. Dina Hashem made her first stand in front of 200 people in the audition room. After winning the contest, she gave away a MacBook and a thousand dollars.

5. The American comedian grew up watching only Stand Up and The Simpsons on TV.

6. Currently, Hashem is not known to relate to anyone. However, some of her fans believe she is more than a friend of comedian Max Antonucci. This sentiment was necessitated by a photo of them she recently shared on her Twitter page. The photo was accompanied by a post about love. Regardless of speculation, neither Dina Hashem nor Max have denied or confirmed if they are dating.

7. The comedian is active on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where she has thousands of followers. In addition to publishing her comics for her fans, she also shares with her her moments of daily life.