You could legitimately refer to him as an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and leader in Christian praise songs who ministered in nearly every continent of the world except Antarctica. In his own words, Don Moen sees himself as an architect who designs products and events that will help people experience God in new and fresh ways. With this, one can easily tell why he is one of the greatest of his time and it is obviously impossible to say how far he will go further to further the gospel of Jesus Christ through his singing ministries.

You might already know a lot about his career as a gospel musician, but the American cult leader has next to no public knowledge of his life outside of the music scene. Nonetheless, we have gathered a handful of information about his biography, family life, and net worth which you will find below. Also included is a full list of his albums and songs.

Don Moen Biography, Age

Donald James “Don” Moen, the American cult leader whose name (Don Moen) is usually synonymous with Christian music was born on June 29, 1950 into a white-American family established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was in Minneapolis that he grew up, attended high school, and graduated in 1968 before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University; a Christian liberal arts school. Subsequently, he obtained his degree in music in 1972.

In college, Don Moen’s musical talents caught the attention of Terry Law who encouraged him to join his worship team called the Living Sound. The group traveled throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the group, Moen played guitar, trombone, and later produced music for their ministries. It was during all of these things that he encountered, the power of God entering people’s lives through praise and worship, releasing spiritual slaves and opening closed doors in their lives, setting them on the right track. of a new beginning.

Over time and precisely in the year1984, the head of Integrity Media – Michael Coleman hired him to work for his company. During his career with the Christianity-focused music group, his career grew as he became Creative Director and President of Integrity Music, Group President of Integrity Label, and Executive Albums Producer. IntegrityMusic. Don Moen produced 11 volumes of the Hosanna over 20 years. Cult Music Albums, which became the group’s most successful recording.

Nonetheless, anything that had a beginning must definitely have an end and in December 2007, the end of his time with Integrity Media came. He left and started the company Don Moen, which acquired MediaComplete when it launched. Since then, he has released uplifting soul albums and songs under his own label.

Reminiscing about his early life, Don Moen released his first album – Worship with Don Moen, under his own name in 1992. Over the course of his career, the man whose songs have healed many broken and aching hearts has worked at various times with men and women of the same vocation, like Paul Baloche, Martin J. Nystrom, Randy Rothwell, the Nigerian Frank Edwards and many others. In light of this, Moen has also received numerous awards, including “Song of the Year”, in 1992, “Creator – Music of the Year, Emmanuel Came in 1999”, and “Recorded Song of the Year”. , “God is Good All the Time” in 2003, all from the Dove Awards.

Albums and songs

S/N album title Release year
1 Give thanks 1986
2 unwavering love 1988
3 bless the lord 1989
4 Christmas 1990
5 eternal god 1990
6 Worship with Don Moen 1993
7 Trust in the Lord – Living Worship with Don Moen 1994
8 mighty cross 1994
9 rivers of joy 1995
10 Immanuel came 1996
12 Praise to Don Moen 1996
13 Drop your glory 1997
14 God for us 1998
15 God is Good – Worship with Don Moen 1998
16 In Tu Presencia 1999
17 Even more of you, Lord – Praise to Don Moen Volume 2 1999
18 Give thanks 1999
19 The mercy seat 2000
20 Healing Our Land (Don Moen and Paul Wilbur) 2000
21 I will sing 2000
22 God in us 2001
23 God Will Make a Way: The Best of Don Moen 2003
24 Trono di Gracia 2003
25 Thank you Lord 2004
26 23 best nonstop songs 2005
27 Arise: Don Moen’s Worship Legacy 2006
28 hiding place 2006
29 I believe there is more 2008
30 With a Grateful Heart: The Best of Don Moen 2011
31 Uncharted territory 2011
32 songbook 2012
33 Christmas: A Season of Hope 2012
34 Ultimate collection 2013
35 Songs of Hope 2013
36 By special request: first volume 2015
37 God Will Make a Way: A Revered Musical 2016
38 Grace (Don Moen and Frank Edwards) 2016
39 By Special Request: Volume Two 2017
40 Jehovah Wezi Manga (Don Moen and the Mahotella Queens) 2017

Don Moen’s career has seen him release various successful singles contained in his albums, he will rarely release an album without songs or a song that will meet the spiritual needs of a particular individual/s. His 2003 album, God Will aa Way: The Best of Don Moen, had its title track written for his sister-in-law and her husband who were at that time mourning the death of their eldest son who had died in a car accident. children were seriously injured. The song not only comforted her sister-in-law and her husband, but it was also restored and it still restores hope and builds faith in all who listen to it.

Some of his most popular songs are listed in the table below.

S/N Title of the song Release year
1 I just wanna be where you are 1992
2 Blessed be the name of the Lord 1993
3 God will make a way 1996
4 God is good all the time (Don Moen, Paul Overstreet) 1998
5 We come to bless your name 1998
6 Here we are 2000
7 What a mighty God we serve 2002
8 This is your house 2004
9 believe and obey 2014
10 Eze Ndi Eze 2016

Net value

The American Christian musician, composer, worship leader, pastor and music producer are not only blessed spiritually but also materially. His albums have been sold across the world wherever there are Christian congregations and are leading the way for the gospel of Christ in the backcountry as well. Don Meon is said to have an estimated net worth of around $30 million.

Family life

Since 1973, Don Meon has been married to his wife Laura Moen. Their marriage prospered for a long time and withstood scandals. It has also served as a synonym for what an ideal Christian home should look like at a time when divorce cases are rife. The couple have five children (Melissa Moen, James Moen, John Moen, Rachel Moen and Michael Moen) who all grew up to be adults. Don and his wife Laura apparently live in Nashville, Tennessee.


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