Freelance journalist Doreen Lioy is a woman whose love for notorious criminal Richard Ramirez made her spend years fighting to prove her innocence. Thanks to her expertise in reporting and journalism which served her well, she was able to make a documentary about him called THS Investigate: Love Behind Bars.

It’s also important to note that before the serial killer came into her life, Doreen was just an ordinary woman who had a routine job as a magazine editor.

Doreen Lioy Biography,

Doreen Lioy’s birthplace was in Burbank, California but her precise date of birth remains a mystery. She was just a normal woman until her unusual marital affair with Richard Ramirez, also known as ‘Night Stalker’, brought her fame. It was, however, a Herculean task to seize any information about Doreen’s early life and upbringing.

Everything we have been able to gather about her career has revealed that she was initially a freelance journalist, whose main job was as a magazine editor. Moreso, Doreen is a writer and she had the opportunity to do a TV documentary called THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars. It should also be noted that amidst many of her articles, she is best known for a biography which she titled “Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker”

Family and Relationship with Richard Ramirez

There is also a dearth of information regarding her family members, apart from the fact that her parents were totally opposed to her marrying Richard. They even severed all ties with Dorren when she went through with her plan to marry Richard.

Sources say Doreen Lioy first saw Richard on TV during her probation and went looking for him while carrying out her duty as a journalist. Her regular visits to the prison sparked emotions between the two and it led to her fighting for her freedom throughout their days together. She used all means available as a journalist, including television shows and interviews to do this. She went so far as to threaten to kill herself if he was executed.

Richard later engaged her in 1988 and after 11 years of a sweet relationship, they were married in 1996 at San Quentin State Prison in California. This union was against her parents’ wishes, but she condemned the consequences and became Richard’s wife. However, things turned sour between the couple after strong evidence linking Richard Ramirez to multiple murders surfaced.

How could Doreen Lioy find love in a killer? This question still remains a mystery to many because the extent of the havoc wreaked by Richard Ramirez would shock you. However, it’s possible that Doreen Lioy was unaware that Ramirez was behind these horrific murders, the first of which was the April 10, 1984 murder of a 9-year-old girl named Mei Leung. The poor girl was ruthlessly beaten, raped, stabbed to death, then hung from a pole. Richard allegedly used different means to carry out his killings and attacks. He allegedly shot some of them, stabbed others, broke into some houses, cut off body parts, beat people and used multiple weapons to attack several.

News was soon released about the features of the killer and soon after the description his fingerprints were found at a crime scene and they revealed his true identity. His photo was quickly broadcast on almost all news channels, and it didn’t take long for fate to catch up with him. A group of people who identified him beat him until he was rescued and apprehended by the police. Then came the trials which lasted a very long time and ended in 13 crimes of murder, 5 attempted murders, 14 robberies and 11 sexual assaults. It was in the middle of his trails that he caught the attention of Doreen Lioy who often visited him and wrote him over 75 letters while he was in prison.

Where is Doreen Lioy now?

Most of the time Richard Ramirez was in jail, Doreen Lioy believed in his innocence, but it became so egregious that Richard was guilty of the crimes. Also, the serial killer had no remorse for his actions, which caused Doreen to cut ties with him. Since then, she has remained in the spotlight. On the other hand, her husband later had blood cancer which claimed his life at 53 years old.