It’s commonly believed that the hottest and best doctors in the world of medicine are in the cosmetology or plastic surgery business, but Evan Antin is breaking the mold. Doctor Evan Antin is a veterinarian, who became famous for his looks before becoming known as an animal doctor. Keep reading to learn more about this doctor’s life and his journey in the veterinary field.

Dr. Evan Antin Bio (Age)

Evan Antin was born in Kansas on January 12, 1984. Sara, Evan’s mother, works as a landscaper and his father, Alan, is a store manager. He is one of two sons of his parents and his brother’s name is Garret. Garrett is an interior designer with a business in New York. Antin can trace his heritage to Irish, Russian and Spanish roots.

Evan Antin grew up in Kansas and as a child he was fascinated by animals. This fascination led him on the path of animal medicine. His first step was to go to the University of Colorado where he earned a degree in biology. At the end of his university studies, he obtained a degree in veterinary medicine which certified him as a doctor of veterinary medicine. This degree was obtained at Colorado State University.

Rise to Glory

People’s Magazine is known to publish a list of very attractive people on a yearly basis as either the sexiest man or the sexiest woman, but in every issue of this magazine they feature other very attractive people. In the 2015 version of this event, Dr. Evan Antin was one of the people who had been selected to be the sexiest men alive, but his title was slightly different in that he was called the sexiest man alive. beast charmers.

Antin sometimes has to travel for work and was away in Guatemala when he received a call from his mother saying he had been featured in People’s magazine. He asked her to send pictures of the issue that concerned him and was surprised to learn that he had been put on the Sexists Men Alive list. This characteristic allowed him to discover the world and people quickly made resemblances between the doctor and the actor Henry Cavill.

Doctor Evan Antin was not always a doctor. in fact, he used his appearance and even earned money for his appearance. After leaving college, Antin also worked as a gym model. The period for which he did this is not known, but he decided to hunt his love, which is animals. Today he works as a veterinarian.

One of the ripple effects of his People magazine feature was the creation of Antin’s Instagram page, which now has over a million followers, where he primarily posts images of the animals he works with. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but being an animal lover is a plus for him, which has made him more beloved. Dr. Evan Antin is also People magazine’s in-house vet.

Another thing that is on the way for the doctor is his new show, Evan Goes Wild which is a show that features the vet doctor going wild with wild animals. He has been working on this project for more than ten years and its realization is very important for the doctor. The show premiered in 2019 and airs on Animal Planet.

About Dr. Evan Antin’s Wife

Nathalie Basha who works as a digital journalist and a YouTuber who has been dating Evan Antin since 2006, their relationship has lasted over a decade and they only got engaged in 2015. It was Antin who announced to the press his intention to marry. The two often take trips together and she is expected to feature in some of the episodes of his new series.

Facts About The Sexiest Vet

· Evan Antin said his favorite holiday is Halloween because he loves to play dress up.

A veterinarian generally loves all animals, but this doctor favors king cobra and crocodile over all animals.

· Antin has created a brand of pet kits where people can buy eco-friendly products that can help their pets.

· When not in the wild, he can be found at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital.