Drake Tester is the son of one of the owners of Oak Island Tours Inc. and has appeared in a few episodes of the company’s show called The Curse of Oak Island. Although Drake lived a very short life, his legacy of never judging anyone, always offering a helping hand to those in need, and seeking only the happiness of others will never be forgotten.

He was loved by all his friends and classmates in high school, and they all spoke eloquently about his personality and lifestyle. Here’s a look at the life the tester lived as well as the cause of his death.

Biography of Drake Tester

Drake Tester was born on July 17, 2000 in GrandRapids, Michigan and was named Drake Maxwell Tester at birth. He was born into a family of 5, consisting of his parents, himself and two other siblings. He had a sister named Madeline Begley and a brother named Jack Begley. Her father, Craig Tester, is one of the owners of Oak Island Tours Inc – owners of Oak Island in Canada and on which the popular Discovery Channel scavenger hunt show The Curse of Oak Island is filmed ..

Craig has a degree in mechanical engineering and is a longtime friend and business partner of Marty Laguna – one of two Laguna brothers who is the face and star of Oak Island Tours Inc. on The Hunt Show to the treasure. It is common knowledge that both Craig and Marty Laguna were roommates during their time in college. They not only studied the same course, but also became very close friends and business partners. Her mother is Becky Tester.

Drake was born with a seizure disorder, and although it was not a daily problem in his life, his condition had to be carefully managed by his parents throughout his childhood and well into his teenage years.

He started his education at Children High School inTraverse City since childhood, and he attended this school until his sixth grade. He also attended Traverse City Central High School in Traverse City and had a huge impact on the entire school, so much so that he was loved and adored by the staff and student body.

Tester was a member of the school track team, choir, as well as the cross country team. He loved the tracks and was particularly good at long distance races. He also had a very good voice, which was very useful when he joined the school choir.

Death and cause of death, how did he die?

Drake Tester was like a ray of sunshine to anyone he met, but sadly and shockingly, he passed away on March 26, 2017, from seizures he had lived with from birth. He had barely a few months to celebrate his 17th birthday.

Drake’s seizure disorder was linked to epilepsy, a condition called Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (PEDS) and many children and young adults die of this disease every year. Medical professionals have gone further by defining SUDEP as dying of epilepsy that strikes suddenly and unexpectedly, while remaining non-traumatic and not drowning. It also leaves no toxicological or anatomical cause of death detected and the cause of death can only be detected through post-mortem examination.

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Between 75-17% of all epilepsy-related deaths are believed to be caused by SUDEP. Causes of SUDEP can include cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and brain damage or dysfunction, not to mention the devastating effect of seizures, sometimes very violent, on the body of those who suffer from it.

The exact detail of Tester’s death was never mentioned by his family, but it is linked to complications resulting from the epileptic seizures he suffered from and who was born. It was a condition that, even if it only lasted a few minutes, had disastrous effects: constantly destroying his physiology.

Drake’s family, friends, teachers, and even fans of The Curse of Oak Island show will be sorely missed by his warm and kind personality, as well as his kind heart and very kind soul.