Dylan Jordan is a talented and rising young star who has turned his everyday life into a livelihood as a popular social media star. With a million followers on Instagram, he became an influencer. Its popularity has spread to other social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

More than a social media star, he is also a model and actor who has recently begun to explore another side of his talent as a musical artist.

Biography of Dylan Jordan

Dylan Chad Jordan was born in Newport BeachCalifornia on November 23, 1998. He grew up with his siblings in Los Angeles. He was very active in sports growing up. Dylan played football, baseball, track and field, basketball and soccer, a sport he played for over fourteen years and even considered turning pro before losing interest. Regarding his education, he went to Western High School in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently studying developmental psychology.

Dylan started using social media like every regular person before deciding to start documenting his life. With his amazing physique, his following started to grow until there was a high influx in December 2015. His fanbase grew to over 65,000 Twitter followers and one million Instagram followers. His popularity ended up working for him when he was offered a role in a web series called “Afterschooled” in 2018.

Jordan’s YouTube channel is in collaboration with Sarai Jones. They have lots of great content with lots of views.

The YouTuber started dating fellow YouTube celeb Summer McKeen in July 2016. The pair met on the set of “Afterschooled” and had a connection. Dylan then asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted. He had a good relationship with Summer as she was featured on several videos on Dylan’s Youtube. He also made a video about their love story.

They dated for a while before Summer called things bad in 2019. Dylan was really upset about the split, especially since it seems Summer got his split quickly and moved on while Dylan continues to wallow in sorrow. The couple have a Snapchat series called “Endless Summer” and they filmed season 2 despite their breakup.

Dylan Jordan’s heartbreak inspired him to turn to music. His single ‘Love Again’ is about the pain and disappointment that comes with a broken heart, Dylan reveals it will be the first of many acoustic tracks to come as he believes the song will help him establish a strong connection with his friends. listeners. His first single “Like Me” was released on September 25, 2018. He released other singles like “The One”, “Talking Slow”. “Sans U”, “Love Again”. His recent single “Lily” had a string of positive reviews.

Dylan has been referred to as a digital influencer and he seems to have taken the title literally. He endorsed some brands, including X out, Clean and Clear, and Original Penguin.

Dylan Jordan’s family

Dylan was careful to share details about his immediate family online. He has two siblings (Taylen and Luke). Dylan Jordan loves his sister very much and shares many photos of her on Instagram. Aside from mentioning his parents in passing. Nothing special is known about them.

Facts and all about the musical artist

1. His Youtube channel was hacked and deleted

Dylan Jordan had nearly 250,000 subscribers and had to start from scratch. He launched a new channel on January 24, 2018.

2. Body size and features

He is 6ft 1in currently and spending quality time building his abs. His workout routine involves lots of heavy lifting targeting his chest, biceps, and legs. It looks absolutely amazing.

3. Dylan Jordan plays the guitar quite well.

He revealed that playing it is a way of escape for him.

4. Dylan loves the ocean

The YouTube star has a special place in his heart for the ocean, especially because he spent his childhood and formative years in Newport Beach, California.

5. Net worth

While nothing has been confirmed yet specifically by Dylan Jordan, his net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million. This is possible from his series of endorsement deals, modeling work and publicity on his personal pages.