The tragedy for a lot of people that you’ll never hear of is that they believe they can go out on the court, in the ring, on stage, on screen, or some other platform and do it better. than someone who does. When they get there, they flop before they even make an impact. Ellie Taylor believed she could be an actress after seeing her friend perform as an actress. However, instead of joining the list of flops, she rose in a very short time to become a great comedian and TV presenter who appeared on many shows including the BBC. Avoid Three’s Snog Marry? and Show Me the Funny on ITV.

While the career side of her life is going well, let’s see if the same can be said for her personal life with hubby Phil Black.

Ellie Taylor Biography and Age

Ellie Taylor was born on November 28, 1983 in Basildon, UK. Growing up, she never had the desire to become an actress or even to have a career in television.

A graduate of York University, Taylor had a job that came with a pension, medical insurance and, as she added, free apples. However, she did what she would later describe as the dumbest thing ever by casting her to do full-time comedy. Sure, she’d always had a funny nature, but it was after seeing a friend perform stand-up comedy that she thought she could do it too. This is what made Ellie Taylor quit her job in the corporate world to focus on acting.

Before long, she was already hosting Snog Marry Avoid? on BBC Three while she was also a team captain on False Reaction. Even before, Ellie appeared in a reality show on ITV Show Me The Funny in 2011. That same year, she was on different shows including 8 out of 10 Cats in which she appeared as a guest, Greatest Tweets 2011Greatest BodyShockers, and Big Brother’s Bit on the side. That year, she also landed the Lady HaHa title from Company magazine.

The years that followed saw Ellie Taylor involved in many other things, including presenting her first stand-up show Elliementerie in 2014. She made her debut on BBC Two’s Mock the Week in 2015 and later on CBBC ‘s The Dog . ate my homework in 2016. Since then, Taylor has always kept busy with her tours and shows. His most recent works include appearing on the BBC’s comedy program Living at the Apollo and Netflix ‘s Comédiens du Monde

Husband – Phil Black

As noted, Ellie Taylor is married to Phil Black. Before Black, the love life of the Essex-born comedian (who on her Edinburgh show in 2017 said she wished she’d slept with more people before getting married) is not known.

Phil Black is a freelance journalist who works with CNN International. Based in Moscow, he has worked in Australia with Nine Network and Seven News.

While it’s unclear how the two met or how long they’ve been dating, it’s known that they got married in 2014 in London. The event was attended by their close friends and family members. The couple are expecting their first child in 2019.

Height and Other Interesting Facts About the Comedian

  • Ellie Taylor is a woman with a decent height. With long legs, she is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm). More so, with a charismatic personality, she has brown eyes and brown hair.
  • Earlier in her career, she emerged semi-finalist Amused Moose in 2011 and semi-finalist Funny Women the same year.
  • At first sight of Ellie Taylor, one could easily assume that she is a model thanks to her good height and looks. Interestingly enough, she modeled for a while before moving into acting.
  • After throwing away her job for a living making people laugh, Ellie got the full support of her mother who, if not for the time and luck, would have loved to do the same as her daughter.
  • Before quitting her job, the comedian instead of returning home at age six, she often stayed in the storage room where she practiced her set, saying.
  • When she first started acting, Taylor never got paid for a gig, but at the time, she still considered herself an actress.