While most anglers live modest lives away from the spotlight, others like Elliott Neese have used the media to gain popularity while continuing to catch fish, among other things.

He rose to stardom on the set of Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch series where he lured fans and haters alike to his side. After being plagued by controversy on the show, Elliott had to take a permanent arc from his starring role as a ship’s captain and licensed fisherman on the show. Where is he now and what has he been up to since leaving The Deadliest Catch? Find the answers below.

Elliott Neese – Biography (Wiki)

The professional fisherman was born on an undisclosed day in 1982. His birth took place in Alaska, USA where he was raised in a family with fishing genes. The media focus hasn’t really been on his family members, leading to a dearth of information about them. However, they provided the context that inspired his fishing career. From the young age of twelve Elliott was already fishing and angling and by the time he reached nineteen he switched to pot fishing.

Convinced that the education sector is not for people like him, Elliott Neese only managed to finish high school and looked forward to fishing full time. He joined the fishing community as a deckhand early in his career. He then became an engineer on the boat he worked with (the Rambling Rose) and within a short time he was made a sub-captain. The Rambling Rose is responsible for featuring him as a cast member on The Deadliest Catch where he earned a spot as one of TV’s youngest captains.

Elliott Neese has received mixed reactions on the reality show with fans launching an online campaign to get him off the show for good. He was later fired from the Rambling Rose after an altercation with the owner. Their argument came close to his refusal to take the boat out during an ice storm. Neese returned to the series in the ninth season, armed with his own crew and a boat he named The Saga.

From season nine through the eleventh episode of The Deadliest Catch, Elliott Neese and his team have made a statement through their contributions to the show’s success. Despite this, he bowed out of the limelight after carving out a fine career for himself.

Net value

Elliott Neese has chosen a passionate career, which is a way to ensure the success of any business. He is not only a commercial fisherman, but has also commandeered the spotlight as a reality TV star. The above and many other endeavors do justice to his current net worth which is estimated at $1.5 million.

Private life

Elliott Neese is currently unmarried but is in a relationship with a woman named Airy Fridenbergs. Before that, he dated Valerie Gunderson and their time together led to the birth of two children – a girl and a boy. Elliott was allegedly abusive to the mother of his children when they were together and she didn’t hesitate to get an injunction against him. Their relationship reportedly ended due to Neese’s abusive behavior towards Valerie.

Where is Elliott Neese today?

At first the reason for his departure was not known, but it turned out that he left for personal reasons, precisely to take care of his health.

Notably, the licensed ship’s captain had serious drug addiction issues which he struggled to overcome. Therefore, he checked himself into a Hawaii rehab known as Passengers and after 60 days of abundant rehabilitation, he emerged as a new person. He often takes to Twitter to share his rehab experience and what he’s doing with his life.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of speculation about Elliott Neese possibly returning to The Deadliest Catch show, but he seems to have decided against going that route again. However, he continues to fish and spearfish in tropical destinations. He also shares his activities on social networks. According to our findings, it has not left the shores of Alaska. A new member called Jake has taken his place in The Deadliest Catch.