There’s always that weird or envious part of everyone’s life that they don’t want other people to see. They try to hide it from people as much as possible because it makes them feel unattractive or out of place. However, in the world created by Emilia Fart, nothing is normal. She lives her life as she sees fit, regardless of societal norms. For her, normality is a lie and no one has ever achieved this feat. So the next time you’re struggling with your insecurities and striving to maintain your dignity, even when you want to let it all out, Fart might just offer the solace you long to embrace from the imperfection we always hide.

The famous YouTube star has single-handedly carved out a sanctuary of self-love where laughter, creativity, and self-expression know no boundaries. Following its unique content and often insane acts even in public, speculation is rife to suggest that Emilia Fart may not be a real person but a character. Below are the actual facts.

Emilia Fart’s Bio (Age, Real Name)

Although it often looks like it comes out of nowhere, perhaps a different dimension, the comedy YouTuber was born on December 15, 1989 in Canada. While her first name (Emilia) may be real, her current full name is not known and Fart is likely not her real last name, although we don’t want to pass it on to legalize it. Facts about her family are unknown but her mother appeared on her channel in a video titled “I’m sorry mum…but you made me like this” and a few others.

Hungry for ways to let her out blazing and Emilia Fart created her YouTube channel on October 16, 2012. Her first video is “Getting Drunk To Kenny Vs Spenny”. She then debuted with a 5-second video called “Bad Dreams”. His vlogs are extremely funny and liberating. For sending a positive vibe to anyone interested in watching, Emilia Fart amassed a huge following on YouTube in no time. Viewers also flocked to watch his videos, giving him the stepping stone to stardom. Since creating her channel, she continues to post her comedic videos on her eponymous channel, which now has over 740,000 subscribers and over 61,612,383 views – as of the last update of this article.

Other popular videos on her channel include ‘Showing What I Looked Like When I Was Normal’ – through which she gave her fans a glimpse into her former life when she was still trying to please others by being normal. “Why My Family Disowns Me and Other Truths in a Tub” is another interesting video that reveals his whole life and family.

American YouTuber Trisha Paytas gets a regular mention on Fart’s channel. “Trisha Paytas, I have something to tell you…” is the most popular among several other videos where she has mentioned the YouTuber.

fashion style

Perfect eyebrows and skinny jeans are not among the items you might find on Emilia Fart. Her wardrobe contains only large dresses, a scarf and so many other clothes that most young women of her age do not get caught. Along with outfits that often cover her chin-length, she completes her look with eye-popping eye makeup, complemented by extravagant eyelashes that are often dyed in bright colors, lipstick that extends beyond beyond her lips and of course, her signature green hair.

Facts about Emilia Fart

Insofar as it seems that Emilia Fart is a character being represented by the one behind the mask, YouTuber is very real. In fact, she’s not interested in hiding any part of her life from the public, however different or strange.

Emilia is believed to be a lesbian. She reportedly featured her partner in some of her videos, but as of now, no one has any romantic connection with her.

On a gloomy day, Emilia Fart finds her joy in having her hair done in a public place, waiting to be kicked out (which is her highlight).

She is not only a personality on YouTube but her fickleness spills over to other platforms. She has over 30,000 followers on Twitter and 244,000 followers on Instagram.