EvanTubeHD is the name of one of three YouTube channels run by social media sensation, Evan. He is a young and creative boy who has garnered millions of subscribers and viewers through his review videos. He started by posting a hobby video strictly for fun and not for money in 2011. Soon after, his father found the monetization button available for YouTube content creators and he decided to click on it, which marked the beginning of his son’s fortune.. Evan has accumulated so many subscribers and income that he has enough to take care of his future educational activities.

He is one of the children of YouTube personalities, Jarred and Alisa. Both have their own channels called DaddyTube and MommyTube respectively. Both parents are very supportive of their son (Jared films his son’s video recordings, while Alisa features in some videos). Evan is still in school and takes his studies very seriously. He is also a young philanthropist who donates his toys to charity and makes it a point to help the less privileged when possible. His sister, Jillian, is also a YouTube personality.

In addition to toy and game reviews, Evan’s videos include vlogs. Her vlogs cover events that happen in her own life, such as travel, behind the scenes, projects, and more. Evan is also a voice and film actor who has starred in animation and starred in a Disney film. His popularity has given him access to many privileges, let us tell you more about the star.

Biography of EvanTubeHD

EvanTubeHD, the YouTube sensation is simply known as Evan on the internet. His parents removed his surname for reasons best known to them. He was born on December 6, 2005 in Pennsylvania, United States, which makes him American by birth. Nothing is known of his upbringing, but he is a serious student, who enjoys reading and drawing in his spare time.

As mentioned earlier, the young American made his fame and wealth from creating content on YouTube. He is best known for his reviews of toys and games on YouTube. His father, Jared films him as he reviews. He started his channel, EvanTubeHD, reviewing new Angry Birds toys, released in 2011. Soon, his channel became a favorite of many kids. His popularity continued to grow over the years and he quickly surpassed one billion subscribers. He then opened two more channels, one for video diaries and the other for game reviews. It records videos on games like Minecraft, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Roblox, etc. The popularity of all his channels has earned him concerts like that of Les fixitsand Beyond Beyond, where he voiced the character, Jonas.

Parents and family of the YouTuber

Evan was born into a social media celebrity family as almost all of his family members are YouTubers. Her parents are known as Jared and Alisa. Jared is a filmmaker and actor who starred in two films The Fixits and Neon Arcade. He also has his own YouTube channel called DaddyTube, but it is unknown when this channel was launched. He is also responsible for filming all of Evan’s videos.

Evan’s mother, Alisa, also has a channel called MummyTube. Its launch date is also unknown. There are several other unknown things about Evan’s family. Their surnames have been withheld from the public to protect their privacy.

Also, it is unknown where the family resides now, however, we do know that Evan is not the only child in the family; at least two sisters are known – Jillian, YouTuber and Chloe. Other than the fact that one of them is a YouTube personality, nothing more is known about the sisters. Evan fans catch up on the family’s field trips, projects and likes through Evan’s vlogging channel: EvanTubeRAW.

Other Facts About EvanTubeHD

EvanTubeHD YouTube Channels

He has three YouTube channels: EvanTubeHD, EvanTubeRAW, and EvanTubeGAMING. Its first channel, created in 2011, has about 8 million subscribers and currently has more than 4 billion viewers. The second channel has around 4.5 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion total video views. Finally, his last channel mentioned above has 400 million views and around 1.4 million subscribers.

What is his net worth?

YouTube has since its inception been a source of incredible income for a large number of people in various parts of the world. Every day we hear about people being enriched by the video sharing platform. EvanTubeHD is no slouch. He’s a worthy young star who is recognized as one of YouTube’s richest kids.

Since YouTube pays its content creators $2-7 per year for 1,000 views, its first channel earns it around $4,000 per day and $1.5 million per year. EvanTubeRAW provides the young lad with an annual income of $730,000 while his latest channel pays him an annual income of $172,800. It is an amazing income to be earned by anyone. In summary, Evan has garnered a net worth of $15 million.