Famous Dex is a phenomenal hip-hop artist famous for bringing class and sweetness to every one of his endeavors in the music industry. Unlike most aggressive rappers, his music is positive music and his background is all about pain and struggle, and the death of his mother. Dex is not only a rapper but also a songwriter who is well versed in rapping and trapping SoundCloud (a type of hip-hop unique to the southern United States).

So far he has released one studio album, eight terrific mixtapes and around six singles, including ASAP Rocky (born Rakim Mayers), a famous rapper/actor/record producer and member of hip hop group A$AP Mob . Since the rapper has been in the limelight, his name has continued to grow, thanks to his quest for greatness and his musical collaborations with several renowned artists.

Dex’s famous bio (age and real name)

The name “Famous Dex” started to ring a bell in the music industry after the rapper’s career started and he rose to prominence. But before that, many people knew him as Dexter Gore Jr., which his parents gave him the birth name. Dex is the son of Dexter Gore Sr., a US Army lieutenant who died in 1997, and Pamela Winters, an IHOP chef and waitress who died in September 2014. The rapper was born on September 6, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois. ‘Illinois. US He is an American of African American descent.

Famous was raised with his siblings in South Side, Chicago by his parents. Sadly, he lost his mother to breast cancer in 2014, 17 years after his father passed away. The SoundCloud rapper was educated at Paul Robeson High School, which is also attended by American rapper Lil Durk.

Before fame, Famous Dex was a hype dancer/performer. He used to star in his friend’s music videos and was called Black Migo Dex. He was also a street dealer and drug dealer. However, this all changed after her mother’s death; devastated by the loss, the rapper decided to get off the streets and carve out a place for himself in the music industry. His hard work began to pay off in late 2015 after the release of his first two mixtapes – Never Seen Coming and Dexter’s Laboratory, followed by two singles. In 2016, Dex released his third, fourth, fifth, and sixth mixtapes, which spawned some of his most important collaborations with other artists.

The rapper holds the record as the first signatory to the Rich Forever Music label, which is owned by Rich The Kid. He joined the music brand in March 2016, just weeks after the two rappers collaborated on the song. Hell yeah. In addition to Rich The Kid, Dice SoHo, Quavo, Ugly God and Playboi Carti, Famous Dex has collaborated on several occasions with Mableton, Georgia-born singer-songwriter Lil Yachty (born Miles Parks McCollum ).

Lately, he’s been calling himself ‘Dexter The Robot’, which surprisingly became the title of a mixtape he released in September 2016.

Net value

The famous Dex boasts an impressive net worth despite being late bloomer. Considering the number of projects he has done in these few years, there is no doubt that he will replace many rappers in the near future. By 2018, he had amassed a net worth of $2 million. At the time of writing, his monthly/annual earnings are missing from the chart.


Dex is said to be dating a young woman simply known as baby mama. They recently reunited after splitting in 2016 after the rapper was filmed and beaten in a hallway of her apartment. The video was captured and shared by composer Tish Hyman. The incident, which damaged Famous’ reputation, earned him criticism and also resulted in Puma signing him to an endorsement deal. He then apologized and pointed out that his mother had cheated on him. The rapper was rumored to have spent a short time in jail after the video went viral, but he has yet to comment on his violent behavior on camera. He shares three children with his girlfriend – two girls and a boy born in 2017.

the size

The famous Dex is 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters) tall and weighs 72 kilograms. Dex has an altered body that sports a breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoo on his cheek and another on his neck (in honor of his mother’s death).