Like millions of other gaming stars, Fedmyster spends most of his time on one of the biggest live streaming platforms, Twitch. Like his contemporaries, he takes his time to explore, engage with his fans, and then connect with other users on the streaming space.

While it’s true that Twitch basically allows its users to explore their interests in areas like music, cooking, gaming, chatting, creating art, and more. As an IRL streamer, the Twitch star streams by moving from place to place and also hangs out with other personalities on Twitch. By doing this, Fedmyster has garnered a lot of success for himself inside and outside of space.

Fedmyster biography

The famous Twitch star was born on November 7, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Although he is known professionally as Fedmyster, the name his parents gave him after he was born in America is Federico M. Gaytan, but his parents’ names are missing from the photo.

The IRL streamer, as collected, has Mexican roots and grew up alongside two brothers. He is believed to have completed his primary and secondary education in the United States, although the name of the institutions and the year of his graduation were not disclosed. Fedmyster is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

As a child, the American sensation was very interested in football and video games. At that time, the only time he engaged in both was in his spare time, but after enrolling in high school; Fedmyster realized that football wasn’t really his thing, so he decided to focus more on video editing and video games.

In 2016, the Twitch star started working as a full-time video editor for one of Twitch’s famous stars. He was then invited to join Team Liquid as an editor in June 2017. The following month, Gaytan began creating and editing YouTube videos for the Offline TV channel.

Founded by Twitch star William Li and his manager Chris Chan, Offline TV is made up of California-based online content creators. The channel basically records the band’s antics as roommates in the same apartment. Since 2017, Fedmyster has been part of the group formed by other stars such as: Canadian star of Moroccan origin Pokimane (née Imane Anys), former American player William Li, American League of Legends player, American sensation Twitch LilyPichu, Canadian Twitcher Disguised Toast (born Jeremy Wang), Sleightlymusical (born Albert Chang) and MarkZ (born Ark Zimmerman).

Fedmyster launched his personal streaming career at the end of 2017 and so far he has amassed over 314,000 subscribers. In 2018, his emote known as “Fed7” was reportedly used around 431 million times in 3 months, making it the most popular emote at that time on the site.

Why was he banned from Twitch?

Twitch isn’t the only go-to platform for gamers, it’s also a powerful platform for delivering personalized content and connecting with other users as quickly as possible. As an IRL streamer, Fedmyster streams his real life activities on Twitch and it wasn’t until one of the days he was streaming that he got himself into trouble, forcing him to get suspended from the platform. shape.

Fedmyster was on tour in Japan when the incident happened. He had a night out with JakenbakeLIVE (a fellow IRL streamer) that night and was later spotted with a traffic cone tripping over his head.

The late night show captured a drunk Gaytan appearance swinging his arms wide as he threw himself down an alley. Unable to clearly see where he was heading, the Los Angeles sensation bumped into a vending machine kiosk and knocked down two wooden doors protecting the kiosk. Immediately, JakenbakeLIVE hijacked Fedmsyter’s camera, confessing to viewers online that it wasn’t a good view.

Although the booth doors were then placed back, Twitch agreed with JakenbakeLIVE’s sentiment and ended up banning Fedmyster’s account for 14 days. The Twitch star then apologized to his fans and promised not to let them down again.

Facts about Fedmyster

1. He worked with famous Twitcher Christian Rivera, known professionally as IWillDominate. He edited for the League of Legends Players Channel.

2. Fedmyster broadcasts every day between 3 and 12.5 hours.

3. The Los Angeles-born Twitch streamer has 281,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is followed on Twitter by 135 followers.

4. His main source of income is Twitch; however, his net worth is under review.