Due to the number of fans he has on Twitch, Forsen is ranked 17th on the list of biggest streamers on the gaming platform. he acquired in 2015 as a Hearthstone streamer propelled him to prominence among streamers and fans alike. Prior to making a name for himself playing Hearthstone, Forsen was a star player in StarCraft II and he went on to make significant progress in both games.

Apparently Forsen is a pseudonym and the gambling expert has a real name as well as other personal matters of his life. All this and more as you read.

Forsen’s biography

Of Swedish descent, the streamer was born on December 16, 1990. His real name has been revealed as Sebastian Hans Eli Fors, but his early childhood details are not known to the public. So it’s hard to say which schools he attended before finding his strength playing and streaming games on Twitch. What we do know though, is that Forsen is a star on the streaming platform where he already has over a million subscribers and is progressing to become one of Twitch’s top streamers.

He played StarCraft II and reached the final group stage at the DreamHack Stockholm 2012 tournament. As a Hearthstone player, he teamed up with ManaGrind and played with the team from its inception until August 2014 when its dissolution. After that, he didn’t bother to be on any other team, but that changed on March 31, 2017, when he joined Cloud9. For his stint with Hearthstone which made him hugely popular on Twitch, Forsen won his first tournament in the May 2015 HTC Invitational. of October. Other tournaments he won in 2015 include Challengestone #3 and GEICO Brawl #1. These feats made him the

Once ranked as one of Hearthstone’s most qualified miracle-dishonest experts, Forsen entered the Darwin Project Invitational tournament where he finished first, smiling at the bank with $20,000. His last milestone was reached in December 2018 when his record viewership reached 80,860. After tasting success at Hearthstone, the Swedish streamer doesn’t seem ready to rest on his oars, but in fact, he continued to hard work and it paid off.

family, girlfriend

Besides his Swedish roots, there is a dearth of information about Forsen’s family background. He hasn’t been generous with details about who his parents are and what it was like growing up. It is also unknown if he has any siblings, as he has never released such information to the public.

About his personal life, the streamer hasn’t been able to keep it out of the spotlight so much. He is believed to be in a relationship with Nani Heichou – a German Twitch gamer and IRL broadcaster. Nani left her home country and settled in Stockholm, Sweden. She is also a Hearthstone player and has amassed over 100,000 followers for the game and many more including The Walking Dead and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. She goes by Nani on the streaming platform and also has a YouTube channel by the same name, where she posts videos of her baking, gaming, and other vlogs.

Nani also collaborated with Forsen in August 2017’s Twitch, as well as the YouTube video “Nani ft. Forsen: First Official PUBG-Sub Tournament!”. Before focusing on acting, she earned a certificate in Communication Science, History and Philosophy from Abitur, where she graduated in 2013. Meanwhile, pictures of Nani and Forsen can be seen comfort on his Instagram account, which means that the two do not hide their union from the public.

Net value

With the rate the internet is turning into millionaires lately, it’s hardly surprising that Forsen made his fortune playing and streaming games. Although it is not a confirmed fact, the Swedish streamer reportedly enjoys a net worth of $2.2 million.