In our world today, one can get rich simply by posting their photos on social media, especially Instagram. Well, it turned out pretty easy, but for ladies and some considerations for guys, the question should be: are you as pretty as Gabriella Abutbol? If so, chances are that, all things being equal, if you can replicate everything she did to become famous, you might as well be the next person you seek out on our next list. prominent men or women. Instagram models.

As you get started in this field, let’s tell the story of Abutbol, ​​who she was before she rose to fame, how she got a spot in the limelight, and where she will head next in her career.

Gabriella Abutbol – Biography,

Gabriella Abutbol was born under the Aries zodiac sign on April 15, 1994 in the city of Agoura Hills in California, United States of America. She is of Caucasian ethnicity while her nationality is unquestionably American.

Since childhood, Gabriella has always shownshe had a passion for the arts, especially in fashion. As she matured, she wondered when and how she wanted to pursue a career in this field. Growing up in a generation where the internet, especially social media, offered a smooth take-off for anyone who wanted to pursue a career in the arts, Gabriella knew right away that Instagram was the best platform for her.

She created her account (gabriella.ellyse) on September 5, 2016 and subsequently began posting pictures of herself on the sleeve. According to the story, more and more people started following her and it was not long before she received offers to monetize this growing number of followers she had on Instagram.

Soon after, Gabriella signed a sponsorship deal with Bad Wood clothing and often takes shots with the Fashion brand’s sweaters, denim jackets and even shirts. In addition to this, it seems that she operates a private Instagram account on which her subscribers subscribe to see exclusively her posts which are not intended for everyone. So far, the Instagram star has had great success in this endeavor.


There has been no disclosure of who and who his family members are, where they live and all that information. However, looking at Gabriella Abutbol, ​​one can easily tell that she comes from a Caucasian family. That’s about all there is to know about her family, as she chose not to share any information.

Instagram Star Facts

1. Career before Instagram Stardom

Before fame calling, Gabriella worked full-time at a pediatric dental practice. However, her working hours were not lenient enough to allow her to do other things she wanted. Gabriella then embraced social media and built herself on it. However, she still works with a dentist albeit part-time now.

2. Gabriella Abutbol’s Net Worth

The internet is undoubtedly a gold mine for anyone who wants to know what they are (legitimately) doing on it. A large portion of these internet millionaires wield a huge influence on social media. Gabriella Abutbol and her millions of followers on Instagram can rightly be called a social media influencer. In doing so, she was well rewarded, and as per the norm, if her followers increased along with her engagement rate, her income and ultimately her net worth would increase.

At the moment, however, Abutbol’s net worth is reportedly costing between $2,000 and $4,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. That’s still a far cry from what other top Instagram sponsored contributors are doing, but surely and steadily, Gabriella is on the rise.

3. relationship

Gabriella Abutbol has a man in her life who many have described as a lucky man. His name is Axell Hodges and from what we gathered around him, he is a cycling star who has had a lot of success in his career.

It became apparent that the two were an item following a birthday wish Gabriella posted on Instagram for her man. In her happy birthday message posted on August 20, 2018, she describes him as the one who stole her heart, her best friend, someone who makes her laugh with other sweet words.

4. Body measurements and features

Beauty is a prerequisite for anyone in the modeling industry, and Gabriella has no shortage of this department, so it’s no wonder that she has achieved massive success in her Instagram modeling career. She stands at a height of 5ft 4in, has black hair, dark brown eyes and a slim build.