Garrett Gee is a tech entrepreneur and travel journalist who rose to global fame after he began traveling the world with his family and documenting their experiences on YouTube and Instagram under The Bucket List Family brand. After six months of adventure, Garrett has grown the brand into a successful business that has funded the family’s travels for four years. While most people would never consider giving up the comforts of life they knew to face an uncertain future, Garrett did just that. Together with his wife, he sold all their possessions, quit his job and decided to go out into the world as a nomadic traveler.

In nearly four years, Garrett has traveled to 65 different countries with his wife and children, immersing himself in new cultures, meeting new people, overcoming insane challenges, and learning so much about life and happiness. He and his family are living proof that it pays to take risks, step out of your comfort zone and go beyond societal norms.

Biography of Garrett Gee

The adventure seeker and travel enthusiast was born in 1988, in Provo, Utah. He was born into a very large family where he has one brother, four sisters and about half a dozen half-siblings. Garrett was only 9 years old when his parents divorced. He therefore had to divide his time between his parents. He lived with his father in Utah, where he attended school, then went to live with his mother in California during the holidays.

Garrett Gee moved to Vladivostok, Russia for two years to be a missionary. It was here that he met the woman who would later become his wife. After returning from his mission, Garrett enrolled at Brigham Young University where, instead of pursuing a particular course of study, he chose to take whatever classes he liked and disregard the prospectus. In college, he joined the football team and eventually became captain there. Playing football is one of the activities that gives him great joy in life, so he has come to cherish this part of his life. Garrett eventually dropped out of college after finishing his college football career because he felt he had learned everything he intended to learn within the walls of the

The multi-talented football player moved on to creating his own app and started a business called Scan with some of his college friends: Ben Turley and Kirk Ouimet. He served as its managing director and contributed to its growing success until it was finally sold. By then, Garrett Gee was already married to Jessica, the love of his life, and they had two wonderful children, a girl and a boy named Dorothy and Manila. After selling his business, he was curious what he was going to do next. So he decided, with Jessica, that they were going to sell their property and move.

She quit her job as an online marketer and web developer, took the $45,000 they made selling their stuff, and packed up to accompany Garrett on his travels. They decided to share their travels with the whole world. So they created a channel called The Bucket Family and an Instagram page where they document their adventures. Their social media count has surpassed one million, while their channel has over 770,000 subscribers. Garrett has spent the past four years working as a travel journalist with the rest of the family and collaborating with multiple brands to create all kinds of engaging content.

His net worth

Garrett Gee is a very wealthy man, who has accumulated enough wealth to allow him to retire tomorrow if he chooses. Although his exact net worth is not known, the travel journalist, entrepreneur and content creator has an estimated net worth of several million dollars.

How did Garrett Gee make his money?

Garrett made his money the old fashioned way: working his ass off. He had the idea of ​​creating an app and called on some of his friends to make it happen. He then secured funding from several investors to scale his mobile app development company, Scan. In 2014, Garrett sold the company to Snapchat for $54 million, which was then split between the founders, himself, and their investors.

A huge chunk of his income since then is from his travel escapades. The popularity of The Bucket List Family’s YouTube channel and Instagram page has generated a lot of money for him and his family. They were also able to sign lucrative contracts with many brands and companies which also helped in improving his financial situation.