Watching His Younger Brother Slowly Die From The English rapper Geko was so traumatized he thought he was going to meet the same fate as his little brother. He thought that some doctors had told him that he only had one year left to live. So he shared the latest news of the death with his fans sometime in 2017. It was two years ago and the rapper is still going strong which made many people wonder what happened. If you are one of them, you will get your answers as you read.

For the rest of us who want to know more about his burgeoning career and position in the music industry, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a fact about the rapper: Back when most of his classmates were playing with toys and following cartoons, Geko was already writing nursery rhymes and singing rap lyrics. He began to take an interest in music at the age of 8. As a teenager, he joined the musical group USG before going solo a few years later. It was in the musical troupe that he met the public, gathering a considerable number of fans on YouTube.

Since then, he has achieved huge success in the industry, working with other notable stars such as Big Sean and Tinie Tempah. He is known for singles such as Heartless and Crazy Life

Biography of Geko

The rapper was born on June 15 in the year 1997 in Manchester, United Kingdom. He was given the name Hodifa Abdalla. Not much has been revealed about his parents, but they have been identified as African. Her father is Libyan while her mother is Algerian. He has a known brother, Abdul Ali, who died of liver cancer in 2010.

Geko has quite an interesting educational background. It is not known what school he attended, but it is recorded that he was expelled from school. Nonetheless, he still took out seven GCSEs. He went to college and got a business degree.

Losing a loved one is a life transforming experience that often leaves life with deep thoughts and grief. After the death of his brother, Geko took up music to overcome his grief, thus officially starting his musical career. Before that, he sang for fun, often spit bars with friends. However, the loss changed his outlook in life and from then on he started writing songs with more meaningful lyrics.

He joined Urban Sound Gallery (USG), the music outfit which constitutes producers and singers. Geko was then the youngest member of the group. He sang with K Keko and worked with the group for three years. He became the youngest rapper to ever record a BBC 1 Radio Fire in the Booth Session with DJ Charlie Sloth. The show spotlights the best songwriters in the country. Inspired by the USG band and veterans such as Tupac, Ice Cube and Biggie, he left to pursue a solo career.

Geko signed in 2014 with British independent label OneTape Records. Her debut single, Heartless peaked at #9 on the iTunes chart. He was followed by another hard hitter, Crazy Life. Since then he has released other hits including Baba, Love Me, Vibe, Talent, and Over/Under; as well as an album titled Cœur de Lion in March 2017. He is steadily progressing and has gradually established himself as one of the most exciting stars on the UK music scene. Her rapid success in the industry can only surprise her fans and audience.

What you need to know about Geko The Rapper

Cancer diagnosis

Geko tweeted in 2017 claiming doctors revealed he only had one year left to live after being diagnosed with cancer. It later turned out that was not true. To this, the Baba singer explained that at the time he was on medication and struggling with mental health issues and doesn’t even remember writing the tweet. Read the whole story here. Regardless, the rapper seems to be in the right place now.

Geko has a mentality that is admirably beyond his age

Aside from going for music and songwriting at an age when his classmates were selecting toys and watching cartoons, his musical preferences also accounted for his gray head on his young neck. Unlike most young people, Geko doesn’t listen to modern rappers, like Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean or 2 Chainz, he is exclusively old school. He is still young but musically he belongs to the older generations.

His social media presence

Geko has managed to stay in the spotlight, hitting punch after punch; Indeed, he is a force to be reckoned with in the UK rap scene. Her fans fell in love not only with her talent, but also with her ambition and perseverance. This can be seen in the number of posts he has amassed on various social media platforms. He has over 61,000 followers on Twitter, with 289,000 followers on Instagram.

Does Geko have a girlfriend?

It’s definitely a mystery that fans can’t wait to unravel. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much about him on a relationship level. He once tweeted that he didn’t have a girlfriend a few years ago. Maybe it’s because he wants to focus on his career at the moment.