Distinct from conventional televisionGianna Toboni, a US-born journalist, producer and correspondent, is more interested in traveling the world to gather information on breaking news and burning issues concerning humanity. Gianna is an Emmy nominee and she is currently known for her role in VICE, the HBO television series.

Prior to VICE, the TV personality worked with notable outlets like Al Jazeera and ABC News. Gianna first tested popularity when she had an interview with distinguished Senator Cory Booker. Another with ISIS fighters took her to another level of glory.

This journalist’s innate ambition to bring news within everyone’s reach has earned her several prestigious awards and accolades, including an Emmy nomination and an award at the 2013 GLAAD Awards for Outstanding Television Journalism. In 2014, Gianna received an invitation to a TEDx conference.

Gianna Toboni Bio (Age)

There isn’t much to say about the birth details of the producer and TV personality, but according to a reliable source, she was born in San Francisco, California on July 14, 1988. The identity of her parents n is not known but she grew up in LA, California alongside four siblings.. Among them is his sister Jacqueline Toboni, an actress famous for her role in Grimm. It is common knowledge that Gianna’s family was the inspiration for her choice of career in journalism.

On her background and qualifications, Gianna studied at New York University where she earned a degree in journalism. Her work in the media took off during her student internship. She landed a job at ABC as a producer, booker, and digital correspondent, but quit after a while and started fundraising for her ambitious feature-length documentary set in Haiti, which later caught the eye. of Vice.

Gianna Toboni’s documentary was an exposition of the sexual abuse suffered by women and minors at the hands of UN peacekeepers. The story resonated, paving a path for Gianna on the HBO series – Vice, as the video aired. The TV personality landed a job at Vice as a full-time worker and formed a team with fellow cast member Isobel Yeung. The duo were a formidable force and covered countless stories from over 20 countries. These include their coverage of Egyptian grave robbers, their interview with Islamic State fighters, as well as reporting from the front lines in Iraq.

Is Gianna married, who is her husband?

The relationship status of the elite AmericanTV personality is no secret. Gianna Toboni has been romantically involved with her longtime boyfriend, Kyle Buckley. While it’s pretty hard to tell when their relief became a reality, social media posts are quick to indicate that they’ve been an item since 2012.

Although she’s cautious with information about her relationship with Kyle, Gianna isn’t opposed to posting pictures taken with her wife and dog on social media. She uploaded a photo of her boyfriend playing with a child on July 2, 2017 with a caption that read, “Happy Canada Day to my Canadian family.” For his part, Kyle hinted that his relationship with Gianna is as smooth as butter.

It seems fans were right to suspect Gianna’s relocation to California after sharing the news on Instagram. A few weeks after arriving in California, wedding bells started ringing between her and her boyfriend. Although they concealed the details of their wedding, the public soon learned that Ginna and Kyle tied the knot on September 2, 2017, in Sonoma, California. We have yet to see their wedding photos and videos as they have failed to post any on social media.

Is she gay?

Gianna Toboni is definitely not gay. A woman who has been in a romantic relationship with a man for six years cannot be called a lesbian. As stated earlier, she is now a happily married woman with the man of her dreams.