There are many who have come as close as possible to the heart of the world, they constantly keep us informed of what is happening in us and around us. These people are better described as journalists. Harry Enten, an American journalist known for his work on CNN Politics and the prominent website FiveThirtyEight, is among the members of this class. He worked as a political writer and senior analyst on the website and now serves as a senior writer and network analyst.

Prior to working on any of the above platforms, he worked at the Guardian. A skilled political journalist who analyzes politics using polling data combined with demographics and history, Enten has gained substantial recognition. He was named the Whiz Kid (538) and his ability to prioritize data-driven coverage despite campaign reporting also earned him recognition as Next Generation Political Journalist by the Colombia Journalism Review.

Let’s explore Harry Enten’s biography, CNN career, father, wife or girlfriend.

The biography of Harry Enten

Il est né et a grandi dans une famille juive de laQuartier Riverdale du Bronx, New York, le 22 juin 1988, sous le nom de Harry Joe Enten. Enfant, il a été initié à la politique par son père. Ce dernier a emmené son fils, alors âgé de 4 ans, dans l’isoloir où il a aidé à tirer les leviers pour les élections. Cela piquait son intérêt pour le monde politique et l’aiderait des années plus tard à faire le choix de sa carrière dans le journalisme politique.

Harry Enten completed his secondary education at Riverdale Country School. To further his education, he chose Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in part because of the state’s status as the nation’s premier primary school. His interest in politics was nurtured at Dartmouth, as was his talent for sport and the weather. He graduated with a degree in government with Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors in 2011. This 6-foot-2 guy is a huge fan of the NFL team, Buffalo Bills.

He started publishing a blog called Margin ofError in 2009 while in college. In it, he analyzed political polls and statistics as well as developed arguments supported by data. His blogging efforts have been praised by experts and his publications have been cited by outlets such as The Atlantic, The New Republic and The Economists. He also interned with the political unit of NBC News in Washington, DC. He was then hired as a writer by The Guardian. He then landed a job as a senior political writer and analyst at the popular political blog FiveThirtyEight, founded by Nate Silver. He joined the site in 2013 after being revived on ESPN by The New York Times.

On his new platform, Enten used his love for statistics and did more analysis than just being an ideologue. His job description includes writing political articles as well as snippets of weather news. He also co-hosted the political podcast FiveThirtyEight and also earned the nickname after his name, given his age and level of wisdom. Harry was nicknamed Whiz Kid and was meant to represent the new generation of political journalism.

CNN Career

Five years after an explosive career at Harry Enten announced in February 2018, in an episode of their weekly podcast, that the time had come for his boat to put to sea. He left the shores of FiveThirtyEight to join CNN Politics as principal writer and political analyst.

In CNN Politics, he used his magic to use numbers to predict the results by a notch. As a writer and analyst, Harry Enten specializes in data-driven journalism and covers politics with a focus on poll numbers and election trends.


Harry is the son of a New York judge, Harold Enten and Dr. Barbara E. Strassberg, both Jews. As mentioned earlier, he credits his father for his interest in political issues. A member of his extended family is singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka, his nephew.

Her father, who was also her best friend, died on September 9, 2015 and was buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Is Harry Enten married? wife or girlfriend

He tweeted in 2013 that he is looking for a girlfriend. While we were left to wonder if he had found one, he said in another tweet four years later that marriage and kids were too soon for him. Fast forward to 2018, he posted a cute dog he says was sent to him by an unnamed girlfriend.

Now it is very likely that he has a girlfriend. What we should be listening to are wedding bells. At present, the little genius is still borrowing a little time to taste married life.