Heather Childers is an American newscaster and correspondent who gained a lot of attention for heckling Barack Obama on Twitter.

In April 2012, she raised a controversial claim with a tweet about Obama threatening Chelsea Clinton’s life to cover up the facts surrounding her birth certificate. The children’s tweet reads:

“Thoughts? Did the Obama campaign threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 to keep parents quiet?”

Although Childers insisted that his tweet only asked for opinions, critics made him reluctantly apologize.

“Here’s the thing, folks… ONE topic has really talked a lot about you on Twitter. Why? I apologize if the article offended anyone. Very interesting.” She tweeted.

Disregarding the above, which many see as a hindrance to Childers’ career, she thrives in the field she has chosen as her profession.

This is evident in the awards she has achieved so far in her career.

Heather Childers received the Golden Viddy Award for Best Female Newscaster, The New News Anchor and Best Newscast from the Albany Herald, the National Television Academy Documentary Readers’ Choice Award and Best News Presenter.

Childers is currently co-host of FOX & Friends First of FOX News Channel (FNC).

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Heather Childers Bio/Wiki

Heather Childers was born as Heather Star Childers on January 7, 1969.

We know that she grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the young Childers attended Sharon Elementary School located in the Foxcroft area, the largest city in North Carolina, she enrolled in high school and eventually graduated from Myers Park High School in 1987.

According to reports, Heather Childers at the age of 16, her car crashed into a tree. What followed were years of reconstructive facial surgery. She then attended the University of North Carolina and earned a BA in English.

Heather Childers Career

You have already seen that Childers has done well in journalism. Nobody gets all these awards for just being a journalist.

As far as is known, Childers’ career began with her job as a producer at WCNC-TV (NBC 22) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her resume will always highlight that she gained professional experience while serving as a weeknight evening anchor for News 14 Carolina (YNN 14); She also worked as an evening host and week-to-evening reporter for WLOS-TV (ABC 13), in Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina, respectively.

That’s not all. She also served as a weekday anchor for WFLX-TV (FOX 29) in Albany, Georgia, before joining FOX News Channel as a general operations reporter. It was in 2010.

FOX thanks Childers for anchoring FNCAmerica’s News HQ business from 2011-2013. Additionally, the network thanks Heather Childers for her live coverage of the 2013 AlQaeda terrorist threats, the aftermath of the deadly Moore tornado, in Oklahoma; and Asiana Flight 214’s hard-landing aircraft at San Francisco International Airport.

Net worth of Heather Childers

It is difficult to find an authentic estimate of Heather Childers net worth. What she earns and invests is simply unknown. Nevertheless, it has often been said that his net worth should not be less than $4 million.

Heather Childers married/husband/family

Several Heather Childers fans have shown interest in knowing some things about her personal life. They want to know about her family, her romantic and sexual relationships; whether she is married or ready to marry.

The quest for this information often has generated information that cannot be substantiated on the news anchor. Once upon a time, it was rumored that Rick Carlson will be the husband of Heather Childers. The fact that the early wedding never happened confirmed that Rick Carlson’s stories with Heather Childers regarding Rick Carlson were all rumors.

Childers is still single. She is not married to anyone and no one can tell if she is currently in a relationship.

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Heather Childers Net Worth

Despite Heather Childers’ car accident at 16, after being elected Miss Charlotte Mecklenburg in 1993, she won the beauty pageant at the age of 24.

Childers was also a preliminary winner from North Carolina.

With these, you must not be told that she is good at research. Childers works hard to stay beautiful. She is 5ft 9in and her breasts, slim waist and wide hips measure 37, 25 and 36 inches respectively.