Powerful, strong, intelligent and ambitious are Hillary Clinton, former First Lady of the United States, former Senator from New York (first woman to hold this position), former Secretary of State in the Obama regime and Democratic candidate for the 2016 home race White. Hillary Clinton’s success has been a great inspiration to women in America and around the world.

A global figure, people from different walks of lifeHillary’s personal life is interested in her, as she is her illustrious political career. Let us delve into these personal details starting with his health.

Hillary Clinton Health

During her run for the White House in 2016, Hillary’s health was the subject of much discussion after her departure from the 9/11 memorial was shown online. The then presidential candidate was seen tripping and needed help from her aides to get to her car.

This immediately gave the media a busy day with speculation popping up from all angles. His ability to compete for the highest office in the country was immediately questioned.

After leaving September 15, 2011, Hillary was taken to her daughter’s home in New York, where she later appeared as if she were normal. The press had waited for her outside as she smiled and waved, but refused to answer reporters’ questions, including: “What happened?”

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Clinton’s campaign team later released a statement claiming the secretary had overheated and become dehydrated after being subjected to antibiotics as she had been diagnosed with pneumonia days earlier. His doctor has also confirmed his fitness to follow the White House race.

However, it looked like a rooster and a bull affair as the opposition conservative, who has long been suspicious of Hillary’s health and physical condition, is running as a presidential candidate. Trump had called her individually saying she lacked the stamina to take on White House responsibilities.

Prior to her near-collapse, Hillary coughed intermittently during speeches and when asked about it, she had simply dismissed them as allergies.

To make matters more interesting, pro-conservative news sites have collected more details about Clinton’s health. Edward Klein, author of the book “Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation” published his opinion/analysis on The Washington Times where he revealed with facts Apparent that Clinton’s health was worse than his team told the media.

Klein said her sources told her that Clinton made several hidden visits to the hospital and that her doctors diagnosed her with arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart rhythm is abnormal. He also said Hillary had a heart valve that required surgery.

Well, guess the truth is best known to Clinton and her family.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 139 pounds

Husband – Bill Clinton

Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton have made history together since they married on October 11, 1975. They first met at Yale University, where they were both studying to earn a doctorate in law. Over the course of the story, Hilary rejected Bill’s proposal several times.

The couple married and settled in BillArkansas’ native country, where Clinton had taken the bar exams and started teaching criminal law at the University of Arkansas Law School in Fayetteville, while pursuing her early political ambitions of becoming a Member of Parliament. Hillary in 1977 co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

They first made history together in 1978 when Bill, at 32, became Arkansas’ youngest governor. This was before losing his bid for a seat in the House of Representatives and becoming Arkansas Attorney General.

While her husband was a civil servant, Hillary excelled as a law firm executive and sat on the board of many reputable firms earning the bulk of her money.

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However, it was not so rosy for the couple. Their marriage was threatened in 1997 by a sex scandal involving Bill and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which eventually deposed him but reinstated him in 1999.

The couple have since stayed strong and supported each other. Although they left the White House in 2001, the Clintons managed to use their wealth of public service experience for lucrative speaking gigs, earning $240 million between 2001 and 2016, Forbes estimates.

Girl, children

Hillary and Bill Clinton welcomed their first child, daughter Chelsea Clinton, on February 27, 1980, while Bill was serving his first term as governor of Arkansas. Chelsea would become their only child.

Despite her parents’ efforts to keep her out of media coverage whenever possible, Chelsea Clinton became the most televised presidential child before her, with a whopping 87 stories on her network.

Like her parents, Chelsea has an enviable reputation for academic qualifications. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University. She holds two master’s degrees from University College, Oxford and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. In addition, she obtained a doctorate in international relations in 2014.

Chelsea has been actively involved in her Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Family Initiative serving on the board of directors. In 2010 she married Marc Mezvinsky and they have a son and a daughter.


Hillary’s parents; Hugh Rodham and Dorothy HowellRodham (born Howell) met in 1937, when Hugh was working in a textile company that Dorothy had come to apply for a job as a typist. They courted for a long time before marrying in 1942. Five years later, they welcomed Hillary.

Hugh Rodham, Hillary’s father, found success as a textile wholesaler, his mother a full-time homemaker. Hugh Rodham died of a stroke in 1993, aged 82, just three months after Hillary became the first wife. A World War II veteran, he was a staunch Republican.

Hillary’s mother, who died in 2011 from heart failure. She was 92 years old.