Science has taught that heredity is the transfer of genes and traits from parents to children. As such, when a child starts doing things that are beyond explaining, while you can call it precocious and get it right, you can also look back on their offspring to set the record straight. After all, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. For Hilly Hindi, she comes from a family of performers. She is one half of the Hindi sisters who are best recognized for their parodies of hit TV shows and movie series airing on their YouTube channel, The Hillywood Show. Some of their parodies include Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter

Hilly Hindi is an actress, makeup artist, dancer and editor. Besides The Hillywood Show, she’s also known for The Next Best Thing: Who’s the Biggest Celebrity Impersonator?

Hilly Hindi’s Biography, Age

Hillary Hindi was born on March 2, 1990, in Las Vegas, California, United States of America. Her father, a police officer and stay-at-home mom, raised her alongside her older sister, Hannah Hindi. She is obviously of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. The Hindi sisters were homeschooled by their parents.

Growing up, Hilly Hindi was an exceedingly talented kid. She started performing on stage at the age of 13. Moreover, she also participated in a private interview on CNN. In turn, she entered AOL ‘s Being a Red Star contest held in New Zealand where she finished third out of nearly 100,000 video entries. The comedy videos she shared were highly rated and served as a connection to her stardom. Of course, her fans asked for more.

Upon her return to the United States, Hindi continued to create more comedy videos on The Hillywood Show and she has been doing parodies ever since.

His career

The Hindi sisters don’t really know where they are with their talents but with a few family dancers, they wouldn’t be far from genetics. Music and dance are the two most important factors in their comedy videos. Hilly Hindi also gives dance lessons at The Dance Zone in Henderson. On the other hand, Hannah is also a good dancer and has received accolades from the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers.

After he returned, Hindi started the drums. She watched a lot of comedy videos and also started working on her acting skills. Hillywood Show was born in March 2006. Hilly Hindi and her sister started making parodies of hit movies and TV shows. One of the first videos they created was the Twilight parody, which amassed thousands of views within hours. In addition to movies and TV shows, Hilly also does parodies of hit music videos.

Besides the sisters, the Hindi family is fully involved in the success of the show. Her sister works as both director and designer of the Hillywood Show, while her grandmother is her costume consultant. His parents gave him an expensive Panasonic AG-DVX100B camera to support his career.

The Hindi channel on YouTube has become one of the most watched channels in the country. Over the years, the Hindi sisters have been on their toes and have collaborated to create many hilarious parodies. Some of their popular parodies include Harry Potter, Twilight, Doctor Who, The Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings, however, their parody of the hit CW series Supernatural remains on top.

The Hillywood Show has attracted over 1.6 million subscribers, with over 312 million views.

Is Hilly Hindi Married? Her husband

Hilly’s sister, Hannah, is married to Drew Lorentz. In July 2018, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ava, and feel more blessed and privileged to be parents. Drew appeared as Jasper Hale in their Twilight parody.

Hannah announced the news on her Twitter page to her over 75k followers. Most of her fans received this news as a pleasant surprise, the same reaction as when they learned that she had been married for more than five years. She tied the knot in December 2012 and didn’t bother to let us know until their fifth birthday.

Hindi sisters know how to keep their privacy private. There is no record of past or present relationship for Hilly Hindi. She can decide to follow her big sister’s approach. It’s no surprise that she shares photos from her wedding anniversary or the birth of her child. We won’t lose our hearts in shock. Hannah did it first and definitely helped prepare us for another shock should her sister choose to go her way.

Hilly Hindi’s Height

There must be a link between talent and beauty. At least the redhead beauty is more than enough proof. She is 5′ 2¼” (1.58m) tall and has a nice pair of brown turn signals.

Everything you need to know about the YouTuber

1. Hilly Hindi is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. She creates parodies on the fictional character.

2. She is a great lover of Jesus.

3. During the contest sponsored by AOL, she had the privilege of meeting and interacting with some of the Lord of the Rings cast members and also had a chat with one of her favorite directors, Peter Jackson.

4 Hindi has a strong presence on various social media platforms. She has an account on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She has over 92,000 followers on Twitter and over 155,000 on Instagram.

5. Hilly impersonated popular movie character Edward Scissorhands when he appeared on the reality series The Next Best Thing: Who’s the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator in 2007. She also created videos for the hit series CW The Vampire Diary

6. Their parody of one of Lady Gaga’s music videos was liked by the award-winning singer who even posted the video to her own social media accounts.

7. The Hillywood Show has been recognized and endorsed by a number of celebrities such as Psy, Chris Hardwick, Paul Wesley, Teresa Palmer, Nina Dobrev, Ryan Seacrest, Osric Chau and Ian Somerhalder.