On a platform where most members post content ranging from DIYs, makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, and pranks, among other cool things, Lui Caliber reigned supreme when he brought something different on board. Although he started his YouTube channel in 2009, it took the online star more than a year to upload his first video and we weren’t ready.

On his eponymous channel which was initially dubbed YourHeroes, Lui posted his first video which turned out to be footage from the games. Red Dead Redemption and Halo, quite different from what was in vogue at the time. But creating something unique out of the rest of the movement paid off for Him and soon his subscribers started to regroup, rounding up their numbers and the same can be said for his channel’s audience. Currently, Lui is popular for his Grand Theft Auto gameplay which is what he spends his time after he is done pranking and trolling his playmates.

the biography

Not one to share personal details with his fans online, Lui Caliber’s background details are unavailable for public scrutiny. His birth, however, took place on July 4, 1984 in California.

In the absence of details about his early years and educational background, let’s dwell on the one thing that Lui Caliber is popular for. He started his unorthodox channel on YouTube in 2009 and started posting there a year later, precisely in May 2010. The eponymous channel boasts of unique content in many ways. Apart from being exclusive for games and other content like pranks, Lui’s unique way of presenting makes his videos stand out from the crowd. With his unprecedented high-pitched squealing voice that he brings to his gaming commentaries, the YouTuber is driving a lot of traffic (over 5.1 million subscribers) to his domain. His numerous online fans are not sleeping as they have helped him rack up 500 million views and counting.

Although Lui started out sharing games like Red Dead Redemption, and Halo, early in his online career, the internet sensation is now popular for flaunting some mind-bending strategies in games like GTA and GMOD

He also has his fans hooked on his channel with play sessions from CoD, WWE, and Borderlands 2. Here, he mixes his tackling and intense skills with hilarious moves that leaves his viewers in stitches. This is one of the features that sets Lui Caliber apart from others on the platform.

Why Lui Caliber is special

He’s pretty good at creating pleasure out of nothing. He applies that rare sense of humor, coupled with the trademark squeaker voice he thrills his fans with, to make his content special. Anyone who visits his channel should be ready to have fun in no time, no matter what mood they’re in. Moreover, Lui Caliber improves with every game and has never ceased to fascinate his millions of fans every time he logs on.

Other facts about the YouTuber

1. Lui’s personal life remained a mystery to millions of fans. He prefers to keep things on a professional level, with a focus on his career. However, there were allegations that he might be with player/YouTuber Jonna Mae, but that was in 2013 and the duo had split up. He was later linked to cosplayer and Twitch star, Emily Rexz.

2. For his GTA persona, Lui Caliber uses a brown monkey mask, accessorized with a Canadian parachute bag, a trademark look that has become very popular.

3. He uses BMO, “Finn and Jake’s living console” from Adventure Time, or a static Sonic the Hedgehog as his character while playing in Gmod.

4. Animal lover, he has volunteered at pet shelters where he has also worked for over 20 years.

5. Besides his stint on GTA and Gmod, the YouTuber has plied his trade on other games such as but not limited to Borderlands 2, Call of Duty 1, DOOM, WWE 2K14, and Far From It.

6. He lost about 2.4% of his followers on YouTube and some on Twitter after he tweeted that he only creates his content for the money and his fan base is insignificant to his success.