From fighting street gangs and getting into Hitman Holla decided to reprioritize his rap fights. Through this, he gained fame as a combat rapper which brought him out of St Louis. Before getting into rap, he was once a college athlete who was a very good basketball player.

On the rap scene, he remains one of the most important in the rap fight because of his punchlines and clever lyrics.

Hitman Holla Bio (Age)

Among fans, the legendary fight rapper is known as Hitman Holla but it was as Gerald Fulton, Jr. that he was born on March 29, 1988 in St Louis, Missouri. He was raised in a middle-class family with strong ties to rap battles, including his father Gerald Fulton Sr., better known as Big Gerald.

Growing up with his younger brother, Showout, who also enjoys rap battles, Hitman was very interested in sports and excelled at them, especially basketball. He then practiced this sport in high school and thanks to this, he later obtained a scholarship to California State Northridge. He would go to college for a while before transferring to the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

Hitman Holla had a very promising career as a basketball player, but then he was drawn to rapping. This took him away from basketball and he decided to pursue a career in the music industry instead.

Before fighting for rap, he had a few issues of his own, including getting involved in gang fights. He was allegedly involved in a battle against a rival gang called Crips. Hitman got two murder charges later, but he got away with it and decided to channel his energy into something he had been passionate about for a long time: rapping.

When he was growing up, he had other great rappers like Mook and X-Factor being his biggest influences. It was from them that he chose his aggressive style and great lyrics. He has now become one of the most prominent fight rappers not only in Missouri where he was raised, but also in the United States.

Hitman Holla appeared in the movie The First Choice which is directed by Craig Thomas. As a rapper, he’s been part of different communities, including ‘Battle America’, ‘Fight Klub’ and ‘SMACK/Uri’. He has fought many celebrities in the past including Nick Cannon, Shotty Horroh, Charlie Clips and Tsu Surf and has been hailed by several stars including 50 Cent.

Hitman Holla Family (Parents, Brother and Children)

Hitman Holla comes from a family that has always been tightly knit. Her parents are Gerald Fulton Sr. and Sue Fulton. Hitman’s family is very much in love with the rap battle, as well as his brother, as well as his father, is not left out. He takes his time to attend his sons’ rap battles and has become popular at such events as well.

Her mother, on the other hand, battled breast cancer in the past. The Wild N’Out star revealed she was misdiagnosed in 2013, then in 2014 she was confirmed to have breast cancer. Fortunately, the stage two cancer tumor was successfully removed and she then underwent chemotherapy.

After his mother’s battle, the rapper started an organization to support young people whose parents are suffering from breast cancer. The organization named “Passion for Pink” has received support from different people including Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent who lost his grandmother to the same disease.

Holla’s brother, Showout has always followed in his big brother’s footsteps. He loves and plays basketball, but like Hitman, he’s already making a name for himself as a rapper. He has a huge following on social media.

Hitman Holla is known to have been in a number of relationships in the past, but there is no indication that he is married. Nevertheless, he has a son, Geremiah Fulton, of whom he is very protective. In 2018, a video of the rapper punching a man was shared on social media. According to Holla, he hit the man because he kept coming back to his son even after warning him to stay away because he appeared to be taking drugs.