President Knockerz has the lyrics and talent to make music that would have seen him dominate American rap for a long time had it not been for his untimely death. The rapper fell in love with hip-hop as a child and started composing his own songs with his computer. For his talent, Knockerz was also popular on social media with huge following on various social media platforms. Still, the young rapper is no more, leaving his family and fans to mourn and wonder why he died so young.

Well, here we are going to walk you through the moments and events of Knockerz’s life as we recall all that he was able to do with the details of his death, many questions having been asked about what really killed the young rapper. The facts might shock you!

His real name and bio

Knockerz was born and named Derek McAllister Jr. on November 6, 1994, in New York, New York, as the son of Derek McAllister Sr. and his wife, Mesha Wilson. He had a younger brother, Christian McAllister, who is also a rapper and goes by the name Lil Knock.

President did not have a rosy childhood as his father embroiled himself in a quagmire that resulted in him serving his 10-year prison sentence. His mother, fearing that he and his little brother would end up being influenced by the rough New York neighborhood they lived in, decided to move with her boys to Columbia, South Carolina. In River City, Derek was enrolled at Kelly Mill Middle School, later at Ridge View High School and Westwood High School.

In his teens, President Knockerz developed a love for hip-hop and started making his own songs with his personal computer. When his father was released from prison in 2010 and reunited with his family in Colombia, he realized how good his son was at music and a former musician, he did what every father would do for their son. Derek Snr. began helping his son hone his musical talents and he soon released his first mixtape titled Delayed Flight in 2010 under the stage name Speaker Knockerz.

Flight Delayed not only brought attention to Knockerz, it also opened the doors for him to collaborate with other well-established artists in the business. A year after his musical debut with his mixtape, Speaker Knockerz has notably sold musical beats to bands like Meek Mill and Gucci Mane, while 2 Chainz, Lil’ Scrappy and French Montana are all known to have used his beats.

On the other side of his road to stardom, the young rapper embraced social media, especially YouTube, where he uploaded tons of videos along with the original track of his song. solitary and many others. In all, he had three albums to his name Fitness Father (2013), Married to the Money (2013), and Married to the Money II (2014) under his label Talibandz Entertainment.

Net value

At the time of his death, President Knockerz had a net worth estimated to be between $250,000 and $400,000 at age 19. His salary comes hugely from his music, which proves how successful he would have been had he lived longer.

How did President Knockerz die?

In the short time he lived and was famous (2010-2014), Knockerz was still an up-and-coming artist with plenty of music to stand out on any rap scene. Unfortunately, he didn’t live that long, but he died reaching the pinnacle of his career.

Being so young and dying so suddenly when he had no idea of ​​his demise, a lot of people shared and shared various reasons that they believe are behind the young rapper’s death. At the top of the list, he probably didn’t recover from drug addiction, but unlike that, Knockerz died of an entirely different cause.

Derek McAllister Jr. disappeared on December 3, 2014, as his parents would later say, when he was found dead in his garage at 2 Notch Road. Upon examination, authorities said no drugs were found on him, as there were no abnormalities to suspect foul play. The Richard County coroner ruled that he died of natural causes (a heart attack).

The McAllisters have since moved on in life, his younger brother doing well as a rap artist while his father took over Speaker’s music label, Talibandz Entertainment, after his passing.