Armed with a charming smile, Hunter March has been sweeping audiences away since launching his career as part of AwesomenessTV. He began the illustrious journey as an intern and rose to the rank of host and producer at the media and entertainment company. He currently runs a personal YouTube channel where he posts AwesomenessTV videos, as well as comedy skits and personal vlogs.

A chip off the old block, Hunter March has earned the rights to be called the grandson of former comedian and actor, Hal March, who also made waves with his talent during his lifetime. More on Hunter and his grandfather below.

Hunter March – Biography, Age

The TV host was born on April 5, 1991, as the grandson of former game show host Hal March, but the identity of his parents is unknown. Although Hunter March was born decades after Hal’s passing, they share a lot in common, as Hall was a renowned game show host, comedian, and actor. Hunter, on the other hand, is all of the above, in addition to being a Youtuber and producer.

His career as a media personality began in 2012 when he returned to work as an intern at AwesomenessTV. He proved to be a great asset to the company and was soon promoted to host and he also produces shows for the media brand. The TV host is credited with anchoring numerous shows for AwesomenessTV, including Daily Report, which he’s hosted for over five years, as well as #DearHunter and You’re Busted .

Hunter was the host of Top Five Live for two years (2015 and 2016). The budget talk show is one of the biggest and he did the project for Verizon/Go90 and while he was there he also worked with the Teen Choice Awards as the segment host in the backstage. In 2017, he joined Game Show Network’s Emogenius which he hosted to rave reviews and was also the host of Sugar Rush, a cooking show on Netflix.

On YouTube, Hunter March saw success streaming AwesomenessTV content and amassed an impressive number of subscribers – over 6.7 million on the video-sharing platform. His solo YouTube career began with a self-titled channel launched in 2010. He has over 70 videos consisting of personal vlogs on the channel and has collaborated with other stars on several occasions. Her mesmerizing videos are the reason her channel is popular and has over 383,697 subscribers with views of around 17 million.

Hunter March uploads up to ten videos in a week to AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel and serves as the face of the channel, being the host and producer of the video content. When he’s not hosting or making videos on YouTube, Hunter March may be writing a book. He is the author of the book – TBH: 51 True Story Collabs.

His grandfather, brother

Hunter March is the grandson of Harold Mendelson, popularly known as Hal Hunter, whose career as a game show host, actor and comedian spanned between 1944 and 1969. The older March rose to prominence as a member of a comedy group alongside Bob Sweeney. Of the many shows he has hosted, Hal is best known as the anchor of The $64,000 Question. He hosted the game show from 1955 to 1958. Some of Hal’s film and television projects include Listen to Me Well, Send Me No Flowers, Hey, Landlord, The Lucy Show and A Guide for the Married Man. After battling lung cancer for some time, Hal died in January 1970, aged 49.

Hunter has a brother named Dylan and although not as popular as his brother, Dylan has made appearances on several of Hunter’s YouTube videos.

Is Hunter March gay or does he have a girlfriend?

So far, there is no controversy over the media icon’s sexual orientation as he is known to be in a relationship with only one person, a woman named Lex Lee. He has had a long-standing relationship with the furniture designer since 2013 and before she showed up, Hunter March had no known love interests.

March and Lee always grace their social media accounts, including YouTube, with beloved photos and videos.