In a world where society doesn’t want to break its glass molds, plus size models are quickly making a name for themselves in the modeling world. Hunter Mcgrady, although she didn’t start out as a height-conscious model, was soon to outgrow the stereotype society imposed on her to carve out a niche for herself. As she continues, she inspires others to embrace each other in any form while striving to be their best version.

She is a plus size and influential model who continues to challenge views of what modeling has been like in the past. The Shadow Bomb also uses its recognition for good; make sure young girls know how beautiful they are. She may be very successful now, but she had a hard time growing up and had to work very hard to achieve the success she enjoys today. So let’s take a closer look at the life of Hunter Mcgrady and his stunning transformation over the years.

Hunter McGrady bio

The Los Angeles native was born on May 4, 1993. She was born into an artistic family with a father, Michael Mcgrady, an actor known for his television series such as Ray Donavan, Southland, American Crime Story and a mother, Brynja McGrady, who was a role model. She also has a sister named Michaela. Her grandmother and aunt were also models. So it’s only fitting that she finds herself in a career that would take her in front of the camera.

She set out to follow in the footsteps of magnolias in her family as a teenager. Hunter started out as a simple size model, but soon realized that her size was simply unacceptable. The budding model was rejected by several agencies who managed to convince her subconscious that she would never fit the narrow mold society wanted to fit in, which unfortunately cannot be broken for her.

Then at size 2 and weighing 114 pounds, she desperately tried to lose 3 inches from her hips, which would put her on scale 00 and qualify her as a model. As a result, she set about doing everything in her power to bring him the desired result. Hunter Mcgrady worked out for hours and ate a few calories a day just to belong. While her efforts bore fruit, the insecurity, anxiety and depression resulting from shyness and fear of the world never finding her good enough to be in a position where she would feel beautiful and confident in her own skin were glaring. As a result, she went on hiatus until she was 19.

Her Independence Day finally came with the realization that her body wasn’t built to be thin. Oh! how free she felt. Hunter Mcgrady discovered plus size modeling at the age of 19 and later signed with Wilhelmina Models who pride themselves on offering models of all sizes and ranges. Since then, she no longer feels bound by the invisible chains to fit into a certain mold that, at best, has been so confining and washing. As such, she is now on top of the world and spreading her wings to fly as high as possible.

Since emerging from her cocoon, Mcgrady has been using her new found voice and freedom to advocate for body positivity on whatever platform she’s on. She brings a whole new perspective to the modeling world, like her counterpart Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s (SI) Swimsuit edition. She has also worked for major brands like Lucky Brands, Naked Necessities, Lane Byrant, modeled for Melissa McCarthy’s line Seven7 and appeared in magazines like Vogue. She has also collaborated with Promesses ludicto design 10 new swimsuits incorporating details such as molded underwire cups and thick material to support their summer collection.

Like Graham, Mcgrady was always to appear in SI, and true to the data, she appeared in its Swimsuit edition which is one of the most widely read publications in the world. This experience, which she is still reliving, not only launched her career in the mainstream, but also let other women know that they are beautiful, but could also achieve their goals no matter what. or their size. She also led her crusade on social media and inspires her over 460,000 IG followers to imbibe self-confidence and promote body diversity. Additionally, she has landed many high-profile interviews and modeling contracts.


The SI swimsuit model met her soon-to-be hubby Brian Keys on Snapchat in 2016 — typical modern-day romance, you’ll agree. Six months after following her story, they reunited in New York in March 2016, and by December Keys was pretty sure he’d like to spend the rest of his life with her. So, during the holidays, he got down on his knees in a picturesque place, Bow Bridge, in the center of New York, to ask Hunter to become his wife with a magnificent sparkler. Keys has a daughter from a previous relationship.

The duo, who are clearly a match in heaven, are ready to walk the aisles to say “yes” on June 16, 2019 near Mcgrady’s hometown of California.

Height, weight, measurements

The body positive defender is size 16 and is super proud of it. She takes every possible opportunity to flaunt it by posing in lingerie or swimsuits, mostly in the form of never-before-seen images, highlighting her apparent imperfections – stretch marks and cellulite. A true beacon of self-love, you would say.

At almost 6 feet tall (1.8 m) and weighing 108 kg (238 lb), she is a curvy woman, although she prefers the term including waist, indicating that curvy sounds segregate. Hunter Mcgrady is beautiful in every sense of the word, with a captivating smile and ombre hair, her confidence is contagious and commendable.

Her hourglass waist measures 46-40-54 inches (Chest-Waist-Hips). As a complement, she wears a 42D bra size and a dress size 22 if you want to gift her a dress.