Iain Lee is a well-known radio, as well as TV personality of British descent. Ian started his career as a comedian in the City of London and became the host of The 11am Show on Channel 4 and also worked as a presenter for several other TV shows, like Thumb Bandits, Big Brothers show- A little about the psych among others. Moreso, the famous broadcaster is a seasoned radio host who works with talkRADIO till date.

Iain Lee – Biography

The British broadcaster cum actor’s birth name is Iain Lee Rougvie and was born on June 9, 1973 in Slough, Buckinghamshire, England.

Iain Lee was a student at Herschel Grammar School, before continuing his studies at Middlesex University, where he obtained a degree in performing arts.

Career timeline

The British entertainer started his career in 1998 when he moved to London and was involved in stand-up comedy shows all over the city. Subsequently, Iain Lee became the host of a comedy program called The 11 O’clock Show with Mackenzie Crook and Daisy Donovan. However, after three years, Iain took it a step further to host a Channel 4 morning show called UP with Kate Lawler. He has also been seen on the Channel 4 show Thumb Bandits and hosted the Big Brother shows Little on the Psych on Channels 5. In addition to this Iain has appeared on other programs such as; Wright’s stuff, This Morning on ITV and Sports News as a newspaper reviewer.

Apart from creating an amazingly successful television personality, Iain Lee has also made a name for himself on radio. According to records, he began his radio career in 1999 as a radio presenter at Xfm London and had worked for the station for two years. He then worked for two years as a presenter for the LBC 93.7 radio station before leaving after its purchase by Global Radio. However, he was re-employed by his LBC boss, David Lloyd, at Absolute Station, where he worked as a presenter on the Sunday Night Show.

In 2012 his services were needed at BBC Three Counties Radio and Iain started work as a presenter on the ‘Breakfast Show’ and did wonderfully well. In the second year, he received the Radio Academy Award for Breakfast Show of the Year. Nevertheless, the following year, the station terminated his appointment after receiving complaints about an interview with a Christian lawyer and how he had used harsh words to speak about his own opinion against homosexuality, substantiated by scriptural references.

As an experienced broadcaster, getting another job was no problem for Iain Lee. So he landed another job in the spring of 2006, at talkRADIO, where he hosted a late-night show called “The Late Night Alternative,” and friend and producer Katherine Boyle. More so, he still works for the station and his prowess in the industry won him the Gold Award for Best Speech Host – Non-Breakfast – at the ARIA Awards in 2017.

Other work

In addition to his radio and television career, Iain Lee is also an upcoming actor and appeared in the film Beyond the Border, a film directed by Martin Campbell. Iain also starred in the film Radio Mania, directed by Iain Forsyth with Jane Pollard.

Is he married, who is his wife, his children?

A look at the love life of the BritishThe artist shows that he is currently married with children. His wife Helena Lee is also a television broadcaster who works for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The duo share two beautiful sons, their names have not been revealed.

However, in early 2017, the British broadcaster revealed that he was in the process of divorcing his wife and was also struggling with drugs. But news of the final outcome of their supposed split has yet to be officially released, so the duo may have found a way out.

Other Facts About Iain Lee

Other notable facts about the radio and TV personality are given below:

1. Iain Lee is the owner of 7A Record along with longtime friend Glenn Gretlund.

2. The presenter also has a podcast by the name of The Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show, which has a phone section where people call via Skype or phone to share their own opinion on a particular topic. In addition, the podcast also gives the opportunity to interact with the guests and interview them, and even share celebrity information with the Daily Express.

3. When it comes to his movie preference, Iain is a huge fan of the Lost series.