Ines Rau was one of the first models to boldly embrace their transgender status and even flaunt their true identities on various platforms. Avid readers of Playboy magazine will recognize her as the “Playmate of the Month” for the magazine’s November 2017 issue. Among her other titles, she is the first openly transgender Playmate. Ines Rau’s story is mostly told by other transgender people, inspired by her bold steps to becoming her identity. There is so much to know about the transgender model and here you will read all about it.

Ines Rau Bio/Wiki

She was born as a child on March 18, 1990 in Paris. Of Algerian origin, Ines Rau comes from a Muslim family led by her Algerian father and her Franco-Moroccan mother. Growing up as a boy, Rau was more attracted to feminine things. Everyone around him noticed, but no one knew he would eventually choose to change gender. It continued like this until Rau made the decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Her life story was her main inspiration for transgender model Caroline ‘Tula’ Cossey. Ines was deeply inspired by the story, which gave her all the morale she needed to go through with the audacity. She was 16 when she finally had surgery. The surgical transition and surgery was successful, and Rau began to live as a woman. However, she kept her transgender identity a secret and waited for the right time to reveal it.

Ines Rau began to explore the entertainment industry which had always interested her. She started dancing for different DJs in Ibiza, Spain and made a lot of money from it. She also worked for other stakeholders and made many contacts, notably with David Guetta, who became her friend.

Ines Rau came out as transgender in 2013 when it was a thrill and a relief for the model who was more than ready to show herself to the world. After her proclamation, she posed nude for a French magazine, OOB, with American model Tyson Beckford. The following year, she appeared in Playboy’s A to Z issue. This was to highlight the “Evolution” theme, through which the magazine emphasized the changing world and how it came to embrace gender identities other than male and female.

Her popularity was growing rapidly in the modeling industry and she started working with different stakeholders including Alexis Bittar and Nicole Miller. Her face was on the cover of many notable magazines as she also modeled it for different brands. In 2017, Ines Rau appeared in Playboy magazine’s November/December issue of Playmate of the Month to become the first openly transgender model to take the title. Her playboy appearance in 2014 also made her the second transgender of all time to be featured in the magazine. The first was Caroline Cossey, his source of inspiration.

Other facts about the transgender model

  • Although Ines Rau was inspired by Caroline’s life story, Cossey, growing into a woman at such a young age wouldn’t have been easy without the support of her parents. She had strong support from both parents, which only strengthened her determination to have the operation.
  • Since her transition from male to female, Ines Rau has steeped herself in activism. She told her stories on different platforms and participated in different campaigns for transgender rights.
  • Rau’s love life has always been of huge interest to the media and the public. Ever since she came out, everyone wants to know who she’s been dating and what it’s like to date a transgender person. The model simplifies this apparent mystery by going public with her love life. For her, it is also a form of campaign for greater acceptance of people like her. Ines is in a relationship with Staiv Nation, a model. The couple have been dating since 2015 and are still together. They often share images of themselves on different social media platforms, leaving their fans elated with their relationship.
  • Another aspect of Rau’s life that still has his interest is his body. It’s hard to believe Ines Rau was ever a boy, given her beautifully curvy body. She stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches which is quite fitting for a woman and even more fitting for her profession. Her body stats are given in proportional form of 33-23-33, namely her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.