Isaac Brinker is a social media personality who rose to fame after he started sharing his videos on Vine. Before the video-sharing app was shut down for good, Brinker already had more than a million followers, thanks to the family videos and comedy skits he shared on the platform, among other things.

Beyond his strong presence on social networks, which became the main source of his fame, he was also involved in sports and music, without rising to the professional level.

Biography of Isaac Brinker

Isaac Brinker was born in Pennsylvania, USA on November 22, 1993. He was raised in a very large family that had 10 children with the content creator and his older brother as his parents’ only biological children while all of his other siblings were adopted. Brinker has featured some of his siblings in some of his videos.

His parents, Christine and Eric Brinker own their own natural health practice.

Although there is not so much information about how he grew up, it is known that he enjoyed athletics growing up and even played basketball which he continued to do until high school.

When he then started his vine, it didn’t take long before he had half a million followers. When the video-sharing app shut down, it already had more than a million subscribers.

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Isaac Brinker

1. His parents love children

Isaac’s parents, Christine and Eric Brink, revealed that their drive to adopt more children didn’t come from the need to save anyone, but rather because they love children. It is for this reason that after having two children, they then adopted eight more children. They plan to adopt more according to the couple. In 2016, the couple were in the process of adopting a 22-month-old boy from China. However, there is no information about the process.

The family has been involved in advocating for legislation that would strengthen the Adoption Tax Credit to make it easier for families to adopt children.

2. Her siblings

As already stated, the social media star has many siblings, although he only has one biological one – his older sister. Her other siblings are adopted by her parents. Among his siblings is his little sister Victory Brinker who has appeared in a number of videos with her older brother. The two have enjoyed an incredible relationship since she was a toddler. Even though Isaac Brinker is white like his parents, Victoria is black. Besides Victory, there is also the much younger sister Eternity and a brother whose name is not known.

According to some reports, most of her siblings were adopted from Guatemala. Nevertheless, not much is known about them individually.

3. Isaac Brinker plays musical instruments and sings

Apart from being a social media star whose videos can sometimes suggest that he may have some talent as a performer, Brinker also plays certain instruments including guitar and piano. He is also a singer who had wanted to pursue music professionally when he joined a band. He stayed with the band for a year before leaving. However, he still sings and shares on social media. He shared his cover of a few songs, including When I Come Down, Your Guardian Angel, and I Can’t Stop Falling In Love which gained over 17,000 views.

4. Victoria Brinker is also a social media star

Due to Victoria and Isaac’s closeness, it helped her get started on social media even though she is still very young. She is also an opera singer and film actress. Even before she was 7, she had already performed with many professional opera singers and also performed the national anthem for the NBA playoffs between Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets in 2019.

She is a very creative person who will definitely go places as a singer and actress.

5. He has extensive experience

Regarding his experience over the years, Isaac Brinker has worked and been associated with many prominent companies including Disney, New Line Cinema, Columbia Records, and Lego. More so, as already stated, he has also built a strong presence on social media, including Vine and Instagram, where he has almost forty thousand followers.