NameIsabella Carlstrom
WifeMoana Hope

Who is Isabella Carlstrom ?

Isabella Carlstrom is a well-known Australian figure. She is a lesbian who has gained notoriety for being the life partner of Moana Hope, a well-known Australian former football star. She previously competed in the AFL Women’s competition, although only for two seasons, from 2017 to 2019.

Isabella is a frequent Instagram user who posts many stunning images of herself and her family. She is an outgoing, fun-loving, and joyful person, as her Instagram reveals.

She enjoys going to the beach, cycling, surfing, and scuba diving; she also works as a model and practices yoga to stay in shape. She also enjoys being inside and cooking.

In the end, he is a family man. She’s also expressed her sadness about her mother’s cancer diagnosis, but now she’s relieved that she’s on the mend.

Her Instagram feed is littered with pictures of her newborn Swaya, her pet dog, and cats Aya and Fluky having fun with their respective themes.

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Net Worth :

as of 2022 Isabella Carlstrom’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million according to various sources