From a social media career that began in 2012 on Twitter, Jack Brinkman has branched out to other platforms where he has produced remarkable results. He started his self-titled YouTube channel in 2015 where he rose to prominence as a gamer, mostly playing Outlast before adding vlogging to his CV. He is also known as one half of the duo – Jack and Gab, alongside his girlfriend. Check out more facts about the YouTuber below.

Jack Brinkman Bio (Age)

There is this strength in everyone that sets their mind to achieve anything that an obstacle would appear to them as a stepping stone. With passion and patience, such a person reaches out to the stars and leaves footprints on the moon. This type of energy can change the world. While this may be true for everyone and apply to everyone, it is especially evident within the Cancer zodiac community.

They have ultra-sensitive, gentle, and kind personalities, and their traits also include being gentle, tender, intuitive, and loving. This group of individuals is also renowned for their tenacity and thoroughness in all areas in which they are determined. Just like their symbol, the crab, they cling tightly to what they love and hardly let go of their dreams, but they always achieve their goals.

A few prominent figures in this community include former Miss World, Bollywood diva and wife of Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. With these, you don’t have to look far to understand what we meant by the description above. Jack Brinkman is a member of this community due to his date of birth. He was born on June 25, 1999 in the state of Missouri in the United States.

Although it is unknown what profession his parents practice, they have been identified as Mark and Kelly Brinkman. He has a known brother, a younger sister, whom he has featured in his YouTube videos. He also grew up with a furry family member, a dog named Molly. Brinkman is good friends with Joey Kidney.

Jack Brinkman joined Twitter in June 2012. Two years later, he made his Instagram debut with a photo he posted in January. He joined the YouTube video sharing community on May 16, 2015, with his eponymous channel. At first, he focused on gaming, mostly playing the video game, Outlast, before gradually moving into vlogging.

A year into his YouTube career, he turned the channel into a collaboration with his girlfriend, Gabrielle Moses. She is a beauty blogger and also runs an eponymous channel which she launched in February 2017. From Jack Brinkman, the channel which is now called Collab was renamed Jack & Gab. The duo post content from vlogs, tags, videos, pranks and challenges. The channel has over 960,000 subscribers and their videos have been viewed no less than 105 million times.

Height and Other Facts About Jack Brinkman

His girlfriend

Jack Brinkman is currently in a relationship with Gabrielle Moses was born in Missouri with his twin sister, Madalyn on April 6, 2000. She also has a younger sister called Cassie. Gab came into the limelight when she started collaborating with Jack on Jack & Gab. She first appeared on the Collab channel in September 2016 in a video titled Girlfriend Tag (Gone Wrong)

In high school, she played football and was a cheerleader but years later became a beauty and makeup enthusiast. Gabrielle launched her YouTube channel in early 2017 and talks about all things beauty, from makeup to hair to fashion. She has gained over 424,000 subscribers.

The duo are in a lifelong relationship and reside in Los Angeles, California.

Social media profile

Besides YouTube, Brinkman is active on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, with over 11,000 and 151,000 followers respectively. He often posts pictures of himself with Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, Gab is also present on several social media fronts. On Instagram, she has more than 224,000 followers and more than 8,000 to follow her on Twitter. They also have an Instagram collaboration channel which has gained over 86.7k followers. The duo also has a merch line known as Rubber Ducky.

the size

Jack Brinkman is not only super talented and young but pleasing to the eyes as well. He sports brown hair and cold blue eyes. The social media sensation may not be a guy cutie, but he would definitely stand up when the tall men flock together. He is 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 meters tall and weighs 70 kg.

He’s a fitness freak. Apart from his relationship, he also shares his fitness journey with his many fans. His body type has been described as mesomorphic and his overall measurements are 40-31-14, for chest, waist, and arms, respectively.