The youngest of the indie pop group AJR Jack Met is not a figure to be overlooked when it comes to pop. Met has been of great importance to the band since its inception. As a guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Jack’s value to the band cannot be overstated. AJR group which includes three brothers; Adam, Ryan and Jack started making waves in 2006 and have continued to grow in prominence in the entertainment industry. Learn more about the musician as well as his journey so far in the industry in this article.

Jack Met Biography, Age

He was born Jack Evan Met on August 16, 1997 to his parents in New York. From an early age, Jack Met’s tendency to pursue music began to emerge. He had such a love for art that he was enrolled in the Professional Children’s School in New York, a remarkable art school. There, his talent was further sharpened. He was not alone in this, his brothers were also drawn to the performing arts and had a flair for music as well.

The Met Brothers including Jack would begin their journey in music making by performing in the streets and attracting big crowds. Hopping from street to street, the three brothers quickly made their way into the Washington Square scene. The boys took inspiration from ace artists like Kanye West, Macklemore and many more. They would write and produce their own songs in their living room, make a cool performance, and get more fans for themselves.

2013 was indeed a significant year for Jack Met and his brothers when it came to their musical career. Jack and his brothers released their first single I’m Ready in August 2013 and it was a hit. The song was played on various platforms and even became a huge hit with the release of its video in October of the same year. This is how the Met brothers began their musical career; they were called AJR and were touted by many across the United States. In the same year, they released their debut EP 6foot1 and later renamed to I’m Ready

They became popular with the release of the EP as his songs were widely sung and loved by many. The following year, the band released their second EP Infini which was a huge success. Infinity had five tracks which were all amazing, further boosting the band’s notoriety. Jack Met and his brothers released their debut album titled Salon in March 2015. The album made it to the top Heatseekers chart, grabbing #20.

Their third EP What Everyone Thinks followed in 2016 and made waves with one of his best tracks, Weak. The following year, the band released their second album Le clic. The album had amazing tracks like Sobering Up, which earned Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It’s been a wonderful career path for Jack Met.

Net worth of Jack Met

Since he is still identified as a member of the AJR pop group, his exact net worth has not been precisely determined. More so, the musician did not reveal such information. Jack Met is associated with the whole group in almost everything and shares almost the same financial status as them.

Height and width

Jack’s physical attributes suit his career perfectly. Numbers weren’t given but a look at Met would tell you he’s got a nice body. About what he does to maintain his average body mass, Met eats a healthy diet and leads a very healthy lifestyle.

Other facts to know about the guitarist

  • Jack Met isn’t called a multi-instrumentalist for a reason. Besides the guitar, he plays drums, ukulele, melodica, keyboard and many other musical instruments.
  • He is also an animal lover and has many as pets. He owns cute dogs and always loves spending time with them and showing them to his fans.
  • Met has developed a prominent social media presence over the years. The musician has a large following on his various social media platforms. He has over thirty thousand followers on his Twitter account and an even bigger figure on his Instagram account.