Jackson Krecioch is one of the fastest growing social media personalities in the world right now. He has a commanding presence on all major social media sites with a steadily growing fan base. Her online activities are limited to posting various fashion photos as well as snaps of her daily activities. By doing so, the whizzkid not only gained fame, but also gained good fortune. Find out everything you want to know about him below, including facts about his sexuality and what happened to his face.

Jackson Krecioch Bio

The personality and social media influence was born to John Krecioch and Jennifer Krecioch on June 1, 1998 under the zodiac sign Gemini. Jackson Krecioch is one of 8 children born to his parents. His siblings are Jacob, Jonathan, Jorge, Joseph, Josué, Julian and Katherine (the only daughter in the family). They were all raised in Wisconsin, United States of America.

Growing up and being part of this generation where the internet is an integral part of our lives, Krecioch joined social media. He started by creating an Instagram account where he started posting photos of his various fashionable attires. He relied solely on his ingenuity and creative instinct to bring out fashion styles that were distinct from the norm or trend. Jackson has continued to do so, combining it with her makeup skills and garnering a commendable following online. By 2015 he had already achieved stardom and this motivated him to extend his tentacles to other online communities.

He joined YouTube on January 17, 2016 and uploaded his first video to the platform titled SON JACKSON. The video was likely to announce his arrival on the platform. Moreso, he did well to be an indicator of what to expect. To that end, Jackson Krecioch did not disappoint. Since then, he has continued to grow his social media presence and influence.

His sister

Jackson Krecioch’s sister is Katherine Kreciochet she is the only daughter out of 8 children of her parents. She is also the only one in the family whose first name does not begin with the letter J.

Katherine Krecioch is also a celebrity and social media star just like her brother. She was born on July 17, 2001 in the birth sign of Cancer in Wisconsin, where she was also raised along with the rest of her siblings.

Katherine is a lip-sync sensation on TikTok with over 300k followers. She is also present on Instagram where her very first post is a message to her now deceased father on the occasion of his 53rd birthday. She has continued to build her social media career over the years.

Boyfriend, is he gay?

Jackson Krecioch is an openly gay man. For a while there were rumors that he was gay until he decided to break his silence about it and publicly identify as gay. Jackson came out in October 2016 via one of his YouTube videos. In the past, however, he had had a few relationships with girls, but he revealed that he really didn’t feel anything for them.

Her first known gay partner was Aaron Fuller, a fellow social media star, model and actor. The duo became an item in 2016, but the love between them isn’t one that will last. They broke up in early 2017 citing their insincerity. Krecioch discovered that Fuller mainly dated him to increase his social media following. The duo parted ways and continued their private life but always remained friends. Jackson then met Dylan Geick in 2018 and everything seemed to be going well between them, thanks to their stunning photos that were posted extensively on social media.

Unfortunately, the two couldn’t stay in the relationship for a long time and then they broke up in mid-2018. In a post that Jackson Krecioch posted on Instagram, he announced his split from Dylan Geick. He didn’t reveal what led to the breakup, but maintained they were still friends.

What happened to his face?

After his Love Is Love tour was canceled, JacksonKrecioch released a video apology to his fans regarding the cancellation of the event. As his apology was accepted, his fans couldn’t help but notice he had a bruised face. In the video, he does not say what caused the injury to his face.

Shortly after, it was reported that the YouTuber was arrested for assaulting his family members – his mother and sister. The incident allegedly took place at their James Island home where Jackson acted like he was crazy. He reportedly punched his sister in the face and that’s when his mother punched him to stop him from attacking his sister further.

Charleston County police officers who came to handle the situation reported that Jackson had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath while they questioned him. The officers also noticed that he had blood on his hands and a bruise under his right eye. The police arrested him and took him to Saint-François de Bon Secours Hospital where he was to be treated for his injuries. he is said to have refused medical treatment.

Anyway, as far as we know, he solved this problem with his family.