While still in college, Jacob Bixenman decided to make the most of his bewitching beauty by taking up modeling, a resolution that led to a successful career. He is currently represented by one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, with his future in the industry guaranteed. When he’s not busy on a modeling job, you might catch him writing poems and short stories, mostly as a hobby.

Whatever his modeling and other exploits, Jacob Bixenman became an online sensation when he was romantically linked to a famous openly gay YouTuber. We bring you detailed information about the relationship between the model and the heart of the Internet, Troye Sivan.

The biography of Jacob Bixenman

Born in Orange County, California on May 27, 1994, the model was raised by his mother whose identity is not known. Other than the fact that they divorced when he was still very young, no other information about his parents has been disclosed by Jacob. It’s not as certain that he was raised as an only child, but some unconfirmed claims tell him he grew up with a sister. His nationality is American but his ethnicity has remained a mystery.

Jacob built his training up to university level. He majored in English at the University of Southern California. Her choice to study English may have something to do with her passion for writing poetry and stories. Regardless of his college degrees, Jacob has already found his way into modeling, starting with entering the VMan competition.

His time in competition showcased his good looks and poise for modeling and he attracted good attention, particularly from Ford Models. As a result, he joined bands Amber Rose and Lindsay Lohan when the world-renowned agency signed him.

After his highly productive VMan release, his name was featured in NYFW Men’s article titled 6 New Models to Watch for Spring 2017. Since her debut in the industry, the model has not lost her moment of glory which has also directed her talent towards other aspects of showbiz. He portrayed one of the characters in the movie RIP (2015).

A very private person, Jacob Bixenman prefers not to flaunt his winnings in public. His salary and net worth have remained a mystery, but given that he is represented by one of the biggest brands in the business, there is no doubt that he earns a lot for his troubles.

Again over 658.1k followers follow his stunning profile and style on Instagram where he doesn’t seem to post his pics much to the delight of social media users. Her selfies and professional model photos are also shared on other social media platforms including Twitter.

Relationship with Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman are both shamelessly gay. The first, which is an internet royalty, came out of the closet in 2013 through a YouTube video. Troye had already informed his family of his sexual orientation three years prior to his public statement.

Troye, who is also an actor, singer and songwriter, started dating Jacob in 2016. The duo announced their union when they appeared together at the MTV VMAs. As a couple, they have gathered many fans who cherish the special moments that they never shy away from sharing with their fans. Nevertheless, recent news has cast doubt on the stability of their union and after some research, we have come up with a few facts.

Are Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman still together?

These two have found a way to balance the challenges of their careers and relationships in a very admirable way. They are often seen together, spending quality time at each other’s company, but this does not affect their different careers.

In 2018, Troye and Jacob got a dog together. The new addition to their fold is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Nash. Troye currently resides in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, and as this piece was updated, his relationship with Jacob Bixenman is still very stable with no signs of trouble in sight.