15-year-old Jacob Moran may be young, but the actor, musician and performer already has a resume that would put many twice his age to shame.

In 2021, he starred as Billy in the blockbuster horror film The Black Phone alongside Ethan Hawke, and last year, he made TV appearances in both New Amsterdam and The Wonder Years, on top of a role in the film Fragile Heart. Jacob is also an accomplished guitarist and drummer as well as a stage performer, touring with Broadways School of Rock for more than a whopping 300 performances across North America. Even though hes done it all, hes just getting started, and heres everything he shared about himself as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Jacob Moran trivia, fun facts and bio Man Crush Monday

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Name: Jacob Ian Moran

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: June 2, 2007

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Fun Facts

1. Jacobobsessed with planes. Hes even training to get his pilots license!

Since I could walk, I had to go in every cockpit of every plane on every single flight. I have dreamt of flying a plane since I can remember. I flew with a co-pilot in a seaplane over Lake Coeur dAlene in Idaho and I just finished building a flight simulator in my room.

-Jacob Moran

2. If he could steal any characters fictional style, it would be John B from Outerbanks.

Since binge-watching the show during the pandemic, I totally connected with his character and the boating, fishing and surfing lifestyle. You cant really beat that!

-Jacob Moran

3. The No. 1 thing on his bucket list is to see the world—every last country.

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4. Hes very much looking forward to his birthday this year on June 2.

I am turning 16, and in addition to my plane and boating addiction, cars are also my thing. I basically love all motorized vehicles—anything I can sit in that moves. I cannot wait to get my car and drive on my own!

-Jacob Moran

5. He loves a good cold plunge.

I am really into activating the full human potential, and believe the challenge of cold plunges is one way to do that. I take an ice bath every night. I love the health benefits and how well it helps me sleep each night.

-Jacob Moran

6. The one app he couldnt live without is Google Maps.

I am literally all over the place. Without it, I would be lost.’

-Jacob Moran

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7. He is a big fan of Hamilton, and his favorite fun fact has to do with the founding fathers.

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe—all founding fathers and presidents, all died on July 4.

-Jacob Moran

8. If he could pick anyone from history to be his mentor, it would be Wim Hof.

I believe how he sets his mind to accomplish things that others say are impossible could serve me in any scenario in my life. From business to personal relationships, I would love to understand the power of his mind. That inspires me.

-Jacob Moran

9. If he could only buy his clothes from one place, hed definitely pick Abercrombie.

Its versatile, casual to trendsetting, and everything in between.

-Jacob Moran

10. The last celebrity he got starstruck over was Jamie Bower of Stranger Things fame

Jamie Campbell Bower and Jacob Moran

(Image courtesy of Jacob Moran)

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11. The role hes proudest of playing is Billy in The Black Phone.

It was just so cool to be dead and in all of that makeup—not to mention the cast and creatives were second-to-none.

-Jacob Moran

12. Jacob tries to live as mindfully and as present as possible.

In every situation I encounter, good or bad, happy or sad, I use the experience to be more relatable (on-screen and off-screen). I live in each moment every day!

-Jacob Moran

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