Jade Grobler has made a name for herself in several fields. She is an Australian and South African model and social media influencer well known and envied for her stunning physique that commands the admiration of both men and women. She has a shapely frame, which coupled with her flawless facial beauty has established her as one of the leading fitness and bikini models in the industry today. Jade has leveraged her good looks to cultivate a large social media following. She frequently delights her fans and followers with amazing pictures that feature incredible moments in her life.

Her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle has also helped her achieve influencer status. Her amazingly toned body serves as an inspiration to many who aspire to join the fitness life or are already on a journey. Jade takes her workouts seriously and often shares her routines and meals with her eager fans via social media.

Seeing how she has managed to sculpt her body, it’s easy to see that she could have a career as a fitness instructor if she chose to pivot to that professional side later in life. Jade believes that anyone can achieve their desires as long as they work hard at it every day. She is proof that excellence does not happen overnight, because it takes hard work. Among other things, she is admired for frequently urging her fans to listen to their own thoughts and entertain their own dreams instead of going with the crowd or simply doing what people expect of them.

Biography of Jade Grobler

The fitness model was born in South Africa on December 18, 1997. Although Jade didn’t explicitly state when she moved to Australia or why; it’s no secret that she has been living in the country for a long time. Growing up, she became interested in fitness, which led her to start working out and training her body. She spends up to two hours a day working out, although her other commitments sometimes only allow her 45 minutes of exercise.

Jade Grobler also takes rest days seriously and often takes time away from her workouts to allow her body to recover and prepare for the next session. She enjoys lifting weights but likes to do a little cardio and aerobics here and there to help her maintain her lean figure and low body fat. The fitness enthusiast always mixes things up with their training in order to keep their body from getting used to a particular routine and lessen its effects. Jade enjoyed learning to control her body and her appearance, which opened doors for her in her life and career.

She began her social media fame in 2014 when she opened an Instagram account and posted a picture of her cat. Since then, she has increased her number of followers and increased her reach by leaps and bounds. Jade is constantly delighting her followers with all kinds of beautiful pictures featuring her sexy body and fantastic looks. She is signed to Boutine LA, a Los Angeles-based bikini company and has worked with several well-known and emerging bikini and fitness brands.

5 Fast Facts About Jade Grobler

1. She takes nutrition seriously

Beyond just working out and trying to stay in shape, Jade is also very invested in her nutrition and strives to always eat healthy, balanced meals daily. Some of his favorite foods include egg whites, salmon, tuna, berries, brown rice, spinach, cod, lean meat, and a wide range of low sugar foods.

2. Jade Grobler makes big money from modeling

Her gorgeous body is a solid bargaining chip for the bikini and fitness model who manages to land high-paying gigs that have helped expand her portfolio while bringing in a sizable amount of cash. She also earns a substantial sum from her work as a social media influencer. Nevertheless, his net worth is not known as of now.

3. She has collaborated with several well-known acts

Jade has been linked with a number of other popular celebrities and social media models such as Veronica Stewart who she often partners with in Boutine LA.

4. The model has an average height

This gorgeous blonde stands at 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm tall. Her height is rarely an issue in her modeling career and whenever it is, she more than makes up for it with her jaw-dropping physique.

5. Jade Grobler has very low body fat

The model may look thick and curvy, but most of his body weight is muscle. She weighs about 52 kg (114 pounds).