James Acaster is an English writer and actor.comedian. He has performed for several years at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and is the only artist to win five consecutive Forster’s Edinburgh Festival Award nominations for Best Comedy Show.

He won Best International Act from the New Zealand Comedy Guild for his 2013 show, Fast and a Best International Show Award from the New Zealand International Comedy Festival Awards for his 2014 show, Recognize. He also won two Chortle Awards in 2015.

Before getting into comedy, Acaster was a drummer in a few music groups, including Le wow! Scenario who reunited in 2017 to complete an album they had yet to complete before going their separate ways a year earlier.

James Acaster bio

James Acaster was born on January 9, 1985 in Kettering, England. He grew up in Kettering and attended Montagu Secondary School. After high school, he continued his studies at Northampton College where he studied music. His musical career began with his drumming practice in several local bands in the Northamptonshire area. Some of the bands where he played drums are Le wow! ScreenplayThree-Line WhipThe Capri-Sun QuartetPindrop, and The New Hardcore Skiffle Move

His stage name with the Capri-Sun Quartet was William Strawberry. Shortly after beginning recording for the album Stand in the Star in 2007, The Wow! Scenario broke up, and Acaster decided to pursue acting while trying to figure out his next career. However, he announced in 2017 that he had returned with his film The Wow! Group Scenarios to complete the Standing in the Star album which has been tagged for a 2018 release date.

Acaster’s comedy career was in full swing.2009. That year he performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alongside comedians such as Nick Helm and Josh Widdicombe. Acaster supported Josie Long during Long’s tour in 2010. He also supported Milton Jones in 2011 while on tour.

The same year he had his first solo show titled Among Other Things at the Edinburgh Festival. In 2011 he also appeared on Good News Extra, Bristol’s One Night Stand, Australia Versus, Chris Addison’s Show and Tell as well as being one of the hosts of My First Gig.

After a successful performance at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011, he then presented his solo show. Among other things a variety of locations in the UK the following year. In 2012 he performed his next show called Rapide at the Edinburgh Festival, it proved to be very popular among audiences and received positive reviews.

Rapide landed a nomination for Best Comedy Show at the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards festival in 2012. By March 2013, it had performed at 14 venues in the UK. In December 2013, he won the New Zealand Comedy Guild Best International Act award. He again earned a Best Comedy Show nomination from Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards for performing his lawn mower show at the festival in 2013.

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Acaster’s 2014 show Recognize and 2015 show Represent earned him his third and fourth Best Comedy Show nominations at Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards. He won Best International Show at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival awards.

Acaster’s first book, James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes, was published in 2017. This book was a Sunday Times bestseller. His Netflix show James Acaster: Directory was released in 2018.

Wife, girlfriend, partner

James was in a romantic relationship with New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo. Matafeo is an accomplished comedian, writer and performer in her own right who has received awards and honors. The relationship ended when Matafeo later complained that Acaster was almost never around because he was usually on the road, touring and performing. It was difficult for him to spend quality time with her and she practically spent her days writing and reading.

Is he married or divorced?

As mentioned above, James Acaster once had a relationship, but he is currently single. However, he was never married or divorced.