Jane Mcdonald, originally from West Yorkshire, is one of those down-to-earth people with a Nordic sense of humor. She has been in the business of presenting television and cruise ship entertainment for years. After she was discovered entertaining on the Galaxy cruise ship, the BBC took Jane in, dusted her off and brought her back to a bigger audience for bigger feats.

The uniqueness of her fame lies in the fact that she did not reach it at the usual age of most artists, as is often the case in showbiz. Moreso, it marked her transition from just a show performer to a recording artist traveling the world in many ways. Read on for more details on how Jane McDonald rose to fame at the most unlikely of times.

the biography

Jane McDonald was born on April 4, 1963 in England, but spent her childhood and most of her adulthood in Wakefield, England, UK. Her parents are Peter McDonald, a miner and chimney sweep, and Jean McDonald, a housewife and former singer. Jane had two siblings from her parents; Tony and Janet Mcdonald. While she was younger, Jane shared a special bond with her father that allowed her to develop her musical talent as soon as it turned out to be very young.

Early in her musical career, Jane and her father would go on trips to different clubs in the North of England where she would perform to thunderous applause. With everything she earned on her travels, Jane bought most of the gear she needed, but the majority of it was eventually damaged in a fight at a club she went to perform. .

Jane’s career saw great success with her first entertainment tour on a cruise on the Black Prince ship. This was quickly followed by another voyage to the Horizon, then to the Zenith, Century and her sister ship, the Galaxy. With each performance, her fame grew and word of her beautiful voice spread. While on the Galaxy ship, the BBC happened to be filming a film about her day-to-day activities, and after seeing her entertained, producer Chris Terell offered her a job as a presenter for the BBC TV show The Cruise. . they say, that’s the story.

Appearance of Jane McDonald during the cruise in 1998 made her famous worldwide. Her natural talent for the dramatic has seen her take the show to a new height of over 14 million viewers on every episode, making her highly coveted. Her rapid popularity brought her style of cabaret music to the attention of Focus Music International and they signed her to a major recording contract. In July 1998, she released her first album titled Jane McDonald to critical acclaim. It peaked at number 1 UK album and number 44 in New Zealand the following year. The album remained at number 1 for three consecutive weeks.

After doing a good job on The Cruise, the BBC introduced her as a presenter for the 1999 show Star for One Night and The National Lottery. The following year, she released her second album Inspiration in 2000 and her third album Love at the Movies in 2001. Jane released a fourth. You Belong to Me in 2005 and served as a judge on ITV’s Loose Women, alongside Carol Vorderman. With her fifth album titled Jeanne, she regained her good position in the UK charts. The album hit the top 10 on the charts and, just as she did with her debut album, she began touring the UK.

She took a long break from music after her Jane Tour but returned in 2014 with her sixth album. Singer of your song who saw her go on another tour. Jane McDonald made a compilation of all her evergreen songs and two years later took part in the Memories Tour which started in 2017, the same year the album was released. Hold the covers. Her latest album is titled Cruise with Jane McDonald, released in 2018. Currently, the media personality has a new show starting July 6, 2018 called Jane McDonald & Friends which is airing on Channel 5.

Jane McDonald was nominated for the BAFTA TV Awards for Best Feature Film and, as expected, won the award.

Jane McDonald’s husband

As is typical for beautiful women in showbiz, Jane has had her fair share of love and relationships. Her first marriage attempt was in 1986 when she married a man simply called Paul. The marriage ended in divorce two years later, in 1988, although according to her, Paul was a lovely man.

Then Jane met and fell in love with HenrikBrixen whom she started dating in 1995. Their love culminated in a fairytale wedding which was shown live on the BBC in 1998 to over 14 million viewers. Unfortunately, it seems the amount of trouble created by the marriage and his wife’s subsequent life on set gave Henrik chills and he decided to end it all. Jane and Henrik divorced in 2002 because Henrik didn’t want to be the reason Jane couldn’t pursue her career full-time.

For seven years after Henrik, Jane refused to be involved in another relationship. It wasn’t until 2008 when she reunited with her teenage boyfriend and former drummer, Walter Eddie Rothe. Jane and Eddie met in 1980 and began a romance that only lasted 6 months before it was wrapped up. The two have been together since 2009 and are engaged but in no rush to get to the altar.

Salary and net worth

Jane McDonald’s life as an eccentric singer took on a new dimension when her fame became global at the age of 35 instead of the usual 20s, as is often the case in the showbiz industry. Yet none of this stopped her from amassing as much as she could from her many endeavors as a singer, host, media personality, writer, and actress. Jane is estimated to be worth $6 million although there is no specific figure for her salary in any of her works.

Family Facts

*Jane McDonald Snr. singer originally from Coatbridge, he later founded a boarding house with Jane’s grandmother in Wakefield, England, UK.

* During an interview, Jane once said that her vocal talent came from her mother.

* In December 2018, Jane announced on Twitter, devastatingly, that her mother had passed away. She thanked her fans for giving her family the privacy they needed.