With regard to music, the phrase; Blood on the Dance Floor is something that many Michael Jackson fans will associate with him. However, for those who love Electronica and Crunkcore, it means something completely different, as it’s the name of an electronic music group that includes the duo – Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity. Monroe has since left the band and been replaced by Fallon Vendetta.

Jayy Von Monroe, guitarist and singer, first became known through his former band before leaving to pursue a solo career. Apart from music, he is also a transvestite known as Dahli.

Jayy Von Monroe Biography

Former Blood on the Dance Floor member was Jeremy Brian Griffis was born in Orlando, Florida on August 17, 1991. Although there is little information about his father, he is known to be close to his mother. , who is very popular on Twitter although his name is not known.

Growing up, he was a very rebellious child who was either getting into one problem or getting out of another. During this time, however, he had always set his sights on a music career. This prompted him to interrupt his studies when he was in high school to pursue his musical career.

After leaving school, Jayy VonMonroe joined Blood on the Dance Floor in 2009. The group was founded by Dahvie Vanity (Jesus David Torres), Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate in 2006. As of 2008, only Dahive Vanity was still with the group. two others were gone. Garrett Ecstasy was joined afterwards, followed by Matty M moments before replacing them with Monroe as vocalist and guitarist.

Monroe, on the other hand, remained with the band as its only member outside of Dahvie Vanity until 2016 when he called it quits. Nevertheless, there were also other members on tour. As a member of the group, Monroe has released several albums, including Epic (2010), All the Rage!! (2011), Evolution (2012), and Bad Blood (2013). Other albums he has released with the band are Bitchcraft (2014) and Les Cisiers (2016).

After leaving Blood on the Dance Floor, the band continued with Fallon Vendetta while Jayy Von Monroe began his career as a solo artist. So far he has released a few singles including “To Burn” and “Uneasy”.


Regarding his family life, very little is known. His father’s name or even the relationship between the two has never been a thing discussed in the public domain.

Her mother is known only as “Mom Monroe” on various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter where she always gives her unwavering support. Since the start of her career, she has been one of those who have always been on her side.

In addition, he is said to have half-sisters, although their names, like those of all of his family members, are not known. He once took to YouTube to send a birthday message to someone he thought was his sister, Tabby. In the message, he apologized for not being able to make it to his birthday.

In 2019, Jayy Von Monroe was still not married. The former BOTDF member had been gay for years and had a gay relationship before. In 2009, he was linked to his gay partner, Daniel Griffis. The two would remain together until 2012, when they decided to end the relationship.

The facts about the singer’s fame

He is a transvestite

In addition to his music, Jayy Von Monroe is a transvestite who uses the character, Dahli Delia (The Dahli). Her interest in becoming a drag queen began when she was 14, but it wasn’t until much later that the Drag Supermonster sensation began. Today, he has a good following on social media. On Instagram, he has more than 66,000 followers.

He left BOTDF due to abuse and financial issues

According to Monroe, he left the band because he felt mistreated by the band and earlier when he started, Dahvie refused to pay him and therefore couldn’t go to see his mother, which affected his relationships. Also, he is not happy with the band’s lyrics which he says are too sexual and aimed at children.

the size

Jayy Von Monroe is taller than the average American due to his height of 185cm and weight of 75kg