One of the easily recognizable faces of Fox 5 WNYW in New York is that of Jennifer Lahmers. She is part of the New York Wake Up network morning show where she put her passion and skills as a journalist to good use. Jennifer has not only won many people over because of the quality of her work, but she has also grown tremendously in her career since her professional debut.

Seeing how well she is doing in her career, many people usually get curious to learn why she is so good in hopes of learning a thing or two from her. Here we are going to tell you all the facts we know about his background; childhood and education without forgetting how she started her career. In addition to that, we will also look at the journalist’s relationship life and see if she was as successful there.

Jennifer Lahmers – Biography, Age

Jennifer Lahmers (JenniferLynn Lahmers) is an American woman. Reportedly, her birthplace was Tuscarawas County, Ohio and she was born there on February 19, 1984 to Cathy Lahmers (mother) and William Patrick Lahmers (father). Jennifer was, however, raised in Dover, Ohio, where her parents moved after having her. While she was growing up, her family was modest and didn’t have much. However, her parents never indulged in giving her the best they could afford, despite the money problems they sometimes faced. Jennifer in return was a well behaved child.

Lynn first became interested in broadcasting when she was an 8-year-old girl with her trio of friends: Erin, Theresa, and Steffanie. The girls formed a game radio network which they named WJET after the first letter of their first names. On their network, they recorded tape recordings of fake newscasts. Although it was primarily a toy, it gradually formed the foundation of what we know of Jennifer Lahmers today. She studied at Dover High School where she graduated in 2002. She then enrolled in the EW Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, located in Athens. She earned a bachelor’s degree in media and journalism upon graduation.

Jennifer began her career with Jackson, Tennessee based at WBBJ-TV in 2006 as a weekend reporter and anchor for the station. She worked there for a year before joining the Hartford Courant as a humor columnist. From here, she joined Fox CT beginning in July 2007 as a reporter and anchor. For the next five years of her career (until 2012), Jennifer worked at Fox CT prior to Back9Network, Inc. as a news anchor in addition to working as Director of Ambassador Relations until June 2014. She currently works as a journalist and broadcaster. at Fox 5 Special: Studio 5 at Fox 5 WNYW.

Is she married, who is her husband?

Being a beautiful woman and in addition to her media personality who almost constantly puts her in front of the public, it is evident that many men will have shown interest in Jennifer Lahmers and that she in turn has dated many deserving men , as reported in some reports. Previously, her most notable relationship was with James Bosworth, former CEO of Back9Network, Inc., whom she married on July 2, 2011. Afterwards, their marriage was put on hold for just two years before ceasing to operate for undisclosed reasons. While they were married, the duo had no children together.

A few years have passed since the debacle of her first marriage and Jennifer Lahmers has long passed from her pains. A few earlier reports said the media personality had something to do with Fox News personality Michael Craig following a few images that captured them together on social media. However, neither Jennifer nor Michael confirmed this rumor, so it completely failed.

We started getting better pictures of the current situation in her married life from November 25, 2016, when she revealed her love to the public. The handsome young man is called Mike Varshavski; a Russian-American celebrity doctor who rose to fame by posting photos of his daily life as a doctor on Instagram (@doctor.mike). The two have since made a few appearances as a couple at some public events. Although they are not yet married, it is believed that they will when the time is right for them.

Jennifer Lahmers Height and Other Facts

  • Jennifer Lahmers can easily pass as a model on any given day. She stands at a slender height of 1.50m or 5ft 8in.
  • At this height, the Fox5 reporter would have weighed around 55 kg.
  • Lynn has dark brown eyes and hair.
  • With a career spanning less than ten and a half years, she has amassed a net worth of around $1 million by conservative estimates. According to other estimates, his net worth could be as high as $5 million, but this has not been proven