Jeremy McKinnon is an American record producer and singer known for being the lead singer of the American rock band, A Day to Remember. With a career that started in 2003, he worked as a producer with some big rock bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, Neck Deep, The Ghost Inside and Wage War.

Biography of Jeremy McKinnon

The rock musician was born Jeremy Wade McKinnon on December 17, 1985 in Gainesville, Florida. Of Italian and Irish descent, he was raised alongside two sisters.

Growing up as a very simple kid who listened mostly to country music, you wouldn’t have guessed that Jeremy would be a rock musician. However, he had always loved music and he had all the talent to become one. Because of this, he started playing guitar and writing songs since high school or even before.

McKinnon attended North Marion High School where he was known as the kid who always had one problem or another. As a result of this, he grounded a lot, which allowed him to continue writing music.

The first band he started his career with was all for nothing. In 2003, he joined Tom Denney and Bobby Scruggs to found the band for which he would be known, A Day to Remember (ADTR). The group also had Neil Westfall and Joshua Woodard, who all belonged to different groups before deciding to join forces in the new group.

When they started out, ADTR, a local band from Ocala, was caught between pop-punk and hardcore, but they were able to bring together metalcore and pop-punk to create something fans love.

Before long, the band had become a force to be reckoned with since their debut EP, Halos for the Heroes, Dirt for the Dead in 2004, quickly sold out at their gigs. Their first album And their name was betrayal Jeremy McKinnon will, with the group, release other albums such as For those who have heart (2007), Homesickness (2009) What separates me from you (2010), Common Courtesy (2013), and Bad Vibes (2016).

While McKinnon has remained the lead vocalist since AADTR was formed, Bobby Scruggs and Tom Denney, with whom the band was formed, left in 2006 and 2009 respectively, while Alex Shelnutt and Kevin Skaff joined. to take their respective places.

After making appearances in various Jeremy revealed that he was not considering a solo album. Besides being a singer, he formed a label called Running Man with Joshua Woodard.

Net value

Jeremy McKinnon, a hard worker, as mentioned, he is not only a singer but also a producer who has worked with bands such as Wage War (Blueprints and Deadweight), Neck Deep ) among others.

Thanks to this and other engagements, he has an estimated net worth of over $2 million.

Wife and Daughter, Is Jeremy McKinnon Married?

Jeremy is a married man. In 2016, he got married to Stephanie Morrison, who had been his girlfriend for a long time before. The interesting thing about their wedding was that it was a surprise wedding that took place on Christmas Day.

Before he finally met and settled with his wife, he was once described by his friend as a hopeless romantic nerd who was always a nice guy and because of that he was easily trampled on in relationships that always fell apart.

In 2017, Stephanie took to her social media to announce that she was expecting their first child together. The child finally came in December of this year as Montana Nash McKinnon, a girl.

Height and width

A handsome man with a lot going for him, Jeremy McKinnon might not be among the tallest men you’ll ever meet. But he’s not the shortest either, he’s 1.70m (5ft 7in) tall. Also, it weighs 91 kg.