John Cardillo is an American journalist and political analyst well known for his conservative stance on governance and his popular talk show. America Talks Live which it hosts He is a man who has worn many professional hats in his lifetime. Prior to becoming a television personality, John worked with the NYPD as a member of the force, which gave him some talking skills.

His opinions are not always well received, especially by liberal members of the public, however, many appreciate his outspoken opinions on the subjects he discusses and even respect them for his works. He is a known face in the media and hence controversies are never far from him. Either way, John has established himself as an authority figure in the American political landscape and he’s managed to amass millions of fans and supporters in the process.

John Cardillo bio

John Cardillo’s date of birth is not known as the TV host has yet to reveal this information about himself. He was born in Queens, New York and had a lower middle class upbringing with his brother, Chris Cardillo. Although John hadn’t grown much, he had a belly full of dreams and a passion to see them come true.

He applied to the police academy and joined the NYPD in 1993 as an officer. He then spent the next 10 years patrolling the South Bronx and ensuring that this part of town was as safe as possible for other members of society. This led him to start his own successful security company called SpecBid. John has always had an interest in politics, so it was only a matter of time before his experience as a police officer began to replace him. He has been asked to work with attorneys general and other industry experts to help resolve security policy issues.

John was instrumental in the death or rejection of various legislations across America. He has been called to testify as an expert witness before Congress and various state legislatures. In 2008, the Florida House of Representatives honored him. His police experience has also earned him invitations to speak on radio shows, newscasts and national television shows.

His skills as a commentator and speaker were appreciated, and in 2015 he began hosting a weekend radio show on NewsRadio 1290 WJNO. The show’s success led the station to ask him to host weekday morning shows. Eventually, he landed his own show, The John Cardillo Show, a nationally broadcast show on the CRN Digital Talk Radio network. Since then, John has continued to contribute to The Independent Journal, CNN, TheBlaze Network, Rebel News Network, FOX Business Network, and he now hosts America Talks Live which airs on Newsmax.

His wife and children

The radio and TV host is happily married to Megan Jean Willkom, a former professional hair and makeup artist who now works for the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation. She is also an executive consultant for Rodan + Fields. John Cardillo has yet to speak about how he met his wife. when they started dating, or on their wedding day, he mostly refrains from talking about his personal life and family.

Perhaps he knows how well the media and the public can deal with such issues and thinks it is better to protect his family from prying eyes. The couple have been together for many years and their marriage has been blessed with two beautiful children: a boy and a girl named Valentine Cardillo and Cristiano Cardillo.

Facts About the “America Talks Live” Host

1. John Cardillo was a member of Harvard Law School’s Internet Security Technical Working Group.

2. His wife is a cancer survivor. She battled stage 4 leiomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that affects one in 100,000 Americans each year, and has been actively working to raise awareness of the disease ever since.

3. John was raised by a single parent, his mother, JoAnn Cardillo-Ranone.

4. In 2018, John Cardillo was embroiled in one of the biggest political controversies after he tweeted a photo from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s childhood home to discredit her political campaign, claiming she had become rich and had attended an Ivy League school, which was not true.