Old and used cars have no intrinsic value, but when Joseph Frontiera and his team of Counting Cars stars get their hands on such a car, it will be brought back to life almost like a brand new automobile. However, this description of Joseph might no longer seem relevant because he is no longer with this team of mechanics. His employers accused him of embezzling company funds to cover his personal expenses. Subsequently, relations between them deteriorated.

It’s the plunge his career has taken but it’s certainly not all he has to offer. Learn more below.

Joseph Frontiera – Biography

The Counting Cars star was born on July 1, 1988 in the United States of America. He is therefore American by nationality and also belongs to the white ethnic group. It was not possible to find out who his parents are, what they did and whether or not he has any siblings. Along the same lines, the educational profile of Joseph Frontiera is largely undocumented or, at best, known only to him.

He rose to fame as an auto mechanic working on the story network show Counting Cars with the likes of Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, RickHarrison, Mike Henry and Roli Szabo. Joseph started working for the company in June 2013 and had the best of his life while there. The show is the 3rd spin-off from Pawn Stars and is primarily filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other spinoffs are American Restoration and Pawn Cajun Stars. Both shows tell of the restoration, remodeling and customization of old cars by each show’s team.

Counting Cars is filmed at Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customization company owned and operated by Danny Koker in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stars such as Cassandra Peterson, Austin “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars, Richard Benjamin Harrison, Ziggy Marley and many more have been on the show.

Joseph Frontiera’s career troubles became public knowledge on March 22, 2016, when Count Kustoms accused him of spending more than $75,000 from the company for his personal use. They claimed he used the money to finance the purchase of his personal Range Rover, as well as to purchase plane tickets, all for personal use. According to the lawsuit against him, Frontiera was accused of affixing the signatures of his bosses, Danny Koker and Kevin Mack, for his personal and unofficial use, to which they of course did not consent. He would have used these signature stamps to stamp checks in their absence.

The company said it discovered something was wrong with their account after finding irregularities in the accounting, as well as in some client accounts and projects. Following this, they conducted a background check and their findings revealed that Joseph Frontiera had a criminal record of embezzlement and fraud with a former employer in Florida.

Joseph Frontiera also failed to pay the time tax charges which resulted in the IRS fining him $18,000 as claimed by the lawsuit. Las Vegas court records showed he was charged in September 2017 and fined $3,500 for robbery for a crime committed in August 2013.

In the lawsuit filed by Count Kustoms, he accused Randstad Professionals, a Delaware-based hiring firm, of referring Frontiera for a position in which he would be in charge of a company’s finances, knowing that he had a history of fraud and embezzlement while previously holding a similar position. Lawyers representing Randstad sued Count’s on the grounds that their allegations were without merit and that their contract “expressly prohibited” the custom vehicle shop from putting Joseph Frontiera in a position to manage the company’s finances, either in cash or by check. . Similarly, the defendant’s attorney filed a lawsuit against the Count’s Kustoms on the grounds that their claims against the defendant were not supported by facts.


Just as there are no details regarding the whereabouts of his parents and siblings’ names, it is also unknown if the star is married, single or in a relationship with a woman. While Joseph Frontiera worked for Counting Cars, there was no indication that he had a wife or girlfriend, and there was no indication that he had one or more children.

Fast facts about the car star to count

  • Day/Date of Birth – Friday, July 1, 1988
  • Zodiac sign – Cancer
  • Country of birth – United States of America
  • American nationality
  • Ethnicity – White American
  • Profession – Mechanic and television personality
  • Famous for the TV series Counting Cars