Although still relatively young, award-winning filmmaker and social media star, Josh Kennedy – born Josh Ovalle – has achieved the kind of success that many older than him can only dream of. His films, including Two and a Quarter, have been screened at more than 50 film festivals.

He made his first film, a short called Cire Minimum when he was 13 years old. The movie was incredibly successful, garnering over 500,000 views that popular media Huffington Post ran an article about it. Additionally, it was screened at more than 20 film festivals around the world.

As if his success as a filmmaker wasn’t enough, being a millennial he took to social media. Kennedy started out with Vine, the defunct six-second video website, before moving to YouTube where he amassed a slew of subscribers. He is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

Family-wise, his younger brother, Lucas Ovalle, is also a social media star and actor. Read on to learn more about Josh Kennedy.

Josh Kennedy’s bio and personal information

Josh Kennedy was born Josh Ovalle on April 21, 1998 in Seattle, Washington, United States. His parents, Wernher and Rose Ovalle, both actors, raised him alongside his brothers, Elijah and Lucas. Elijah is an actor, while Lucas is also a social media star, actor, and filmmaker. He has a grandmother named Arcelia Kennedy.

Growing up, Josh was a homebody whose only hobby was baking. However, as electronic gadgets took the place of toys and what had caught his attention during his childhood, a new passion was born. Kennedy discovered his interest in filmmaking and storytelling.

He then exploited his potential of the Z generation to launch a career on the internet. He created an account on six-second video hosting service, Vine, and started creating content. Going forward, he felt the need to change his surname from Ovalle to Kennedy, presumably to accommodate his new status. After the short-form video website shut down, he transferred his fame to YouTube.

Josh Kennedy has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). At the age of 13, Josh made his first film, Minimum Max which was about a boy named Max who suffers from ADHD. The film received rave reviews and went viral on various social media platforms including YouTube. It also garnered over 500,000 views making Josh an instant celebrity.

However, on its successful channels, Minimum Max was selected and screened at more than 20 film festivals. The film’s popularity exploded when the Huffington Post published an article about it. Building on the success of her first film, Kennedy released her second film, Two and a Quarter in 2014 with her brother Lucas. This film was only seven minutes long, but became an instant hit and screened at around 57 film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival. It was also praised by critics and audiences. The film also won several awards, including the 2014 People’s Choice Award at the All American High School Film Festival.

After the successes of his films, Josh ventured into promoting events and shows on MTV. He has promoted several events including the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. The event was hosted by famous comedian and actress Amy Schumer.
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What you need to know about Josh Kennedy

1. He is good friends with famous YouTube personalities Cody Ko and Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard.

2. Josh Kennedy is 6 feet tall.

3. Josh Kennedy has done well for himself as a filmmaker and social media star. Although his net worth is still under consideration, given the fame of his short films and status on social media, his earnings would be nothing short of extraordinary.

4. Before he thought of making movies, Josh Kennedy had a passion for cooking.

5. He changed his last name from Ovalle to Kennedy while still posting videos on the now defunct website Vine.

6. Just like many other personal details of his life, Kennedy kept his love life out of the media. In August 2016, he took to social media to wish a mystery girl a happy GF day, which left much speculation about her identity. However, he did not address the rumours. He may have a girlfriend, but then he keeps his life private or waits for the right moment to introduce her.