Juliet Richardson’s name doesn’t need much introduction, although wife Kyle Korver rules the court, the former singer and musician is clearly rocking her own way. If you’re the type who likes pop, techno or alternative music, Juliet Robertson is definitely your girl, any time of the day. This article focuses on the personal and professional life of the pop singer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the American musician, including information about her net worth, early life, and relationship history.

the biography

The former singer of 1 plus 1 band was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America on January 1, 1980. Her country of birth clearly indicates her American nationality. There are obviously no details about her family background and the identity of her parents, but it is common knowledge that she comes from a devout Christian home where rock music was banned. So Juliette grew up as a mere child, deprived of many fun things in life.

Academically, Juliet Richardson is an alumnus of Life Center Academy located in Burlington, New Jersey, where she graduated, but further details about her education have remained inaccessible till date. After school, the budding singer decided to pursue a career in music. Her professional debut came in 2000 with 1 plus 1 band, but those early days weren’t as good for her as her debut album titled Random Order brought her into the limelight.

Career timeline

Her professional career began in 2000 when she performed as the lead singer of the group 1 plus 1. The group achieved huge success under the Electra Record label when their single titled Cherry Bomb hit the Top 40 on Billboard Hot Dance Night. Club. When the group disbanded in 2003 following their release by Electra, Juliet Richardson, unhappy with the conduct of their label, made the decision to move on.

She signed to a label with Josh Deutsch – an American-born songwriter who worked with Virgin Records. In 2004, Juliet Richardson made her return to the studios with Virgin Record and was introduced to Stuart Price, the producer. His debut album titled Random Order arrived in 2005 and was well received by audiences and music critics. Her big break came with her single titled Avalon which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Night and No. 5 on the European Dance Songs Charts. The single also made the UK Singles Chart at No. 30, Ride the Pain,a second song from the same album peaked at No. 1. His last musical appearance was in 2007, collaborating with David Guetta in one of his albums titled Pop Life. Until this day, Juliet Richardson has remained inactive in her musical career.

Relationship history

Juliet Richardson is currently married; She is the wife of NBA player Kyle Korver who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The duo tied the nuptials on August 10, 2011. The story of how they met is really interesting. Juliette and Kyle happen to be the religious type and were at their place of worship praying when they were introduced by the pastor.

Their marriage has been going on for several years and it continues, especially with the birth of their three children who have brought a lot of happiness to the celebrity couple. Their first child arrived on December 5, 2012, a beautiful daughter named Kyra Elyse. They welcomed Knox Korver, their first son, who arrived in 2014. In 2016, their last child was born, a second son, Koen Korver.

Juliet Richardson seems like the perfect match for Kyle because, according to the NBA player, his beautiful wife has remained his source of strength over the years and kept him focused on his professional and personal life.

Net value

There is no recent calculation of Juliette Richardson’s net worth, but sources estimate that she should not exceed $1 million, which she racked up from sales of her debut album. However, as of 2018, her husband has amassed a net worth of $20 million as he earns an annual salary of $5.2 million as an NBA star. The Korver family currently lives in a $1.8 million home in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. She bought the house in 2013 and also owns a few luxury cars, including a Zento ST1 worth an estimated $1.2 million.