She can’t be a last name outside of the But buckle up because Karlie Kloss is coming to town. Alright, we just wanted to say that anyway, before we get into the subject of Karlie Kloss’ height, weight, and other measurements, here’s a little giveaway in the form of fun facts about our model.

  • She was born Karlie Elizabeth Kloss on August 3, 1992, to Tracy and Kurt Kloss. Tracy is a freelance art director while Kurt is an emergency physician.
  • Before becoming the incredible model we see today, she was learning ballet. She said the experience taught her how to “grow in the modeling world and was a great training ground for her runway.”
  • She was just a teenager when she was discovered at a charity fashion show in her hometown of St. Louis.
  • Get this, she had her own version of ‘the best of both worlds in high school; between classes, she would go to Europe for work. Her fame has not made her social life difficult due to the fact that few teenage girls subscribe to Vogue Italia
  • Karlie’s first fashion editorial was in the pages of Scene Magazine aged just 14 and in 2009 she was American Vogue’s most photographed model.
  • Despite a very promising modeling career, she still wants to continue her studies. She started college at 23 because… long before that, she was busy strutting around on the track, but she is successful and she even plans to get a medical degree in the near future.
  • Well here’s an interesting one, in order to help feed hungry people around the world, she started a vegan fundraiser in 2012. Additionally, she is interested in coding and wants to help women enter the world of technology through a scholarship called Kode With Karlie.
  • Her celebrity BFF is Taylor Swift (we wonder how many BFFs a girl can have).

That last point was just a bonus, so now, without further ado, let’s take a look at her measurements starting at Karlie Kloss.

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Karlie Kloss Height

She’s a role model, if that’s not enough to prove that she really is tall, then we don’t know what is. Well, drop the numbers and let yourself be the judge. The model stands really tall at 6ft 1, it’s just amazing. We mean this is the height of a basketball player, probably a short basketball player, but a basketball player nonetheless.

We don’t even want to dig into claims that she cares about her height, have you seen that kid’s legs?! Either way, all you have to do is look at these pics of her with Jimmy Fallon (6’0) and Eva Longoria (5’2), it’ll make anyone a believer.

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Here is a list of celebrities as tall as our daughter Karlie. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Adriana Karembeu and Gordon Ramsay share the same height as Karlie Kloss.

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Karlie Kloss Weight

Again, need we say more? She’s a model so you talk she’s skinny. Some would say she has one of the most ideal female body measurements, however there is a “but”. Her body and the term “anorexically thin” are usually used in the same sentence, but we doubt that saddens her too much, she is very well paid to be skinny after all.

So, that would explain why she puts a lot of work into maintaining her height and staying healthy in the process. She works out at least 3-4 times a week and her workouts consist mostly of ballet exercises, Pilates, and strength training.

On top of that, she checks her diet on a regular schedule although she has a sweet tooth that she just can’t get rid of, so she occasionally adds dark chocolate to her menu. So there you go, that’s how she keeps it…thin.

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Karlie Kloss Body Net Worth

In addition to the height and weight of Karlie Kloss, here we present you a brief summary of all her measurements.

Height: 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)

Weight: 57 kilograms (125 pounds)

Chest size: 32 inches

Waist size – 23 inches

Hip size: 34 inches

Shoe size: US 9, Euro 39-40, UK 7